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A number of Android gaming applications have been released in 2013. These apps include games from different themes, such as puzzles, strategy, action, adventure and others.

Here are the top 5 2013 strategy games for the Android worth checking out.

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 follows a tower offence vs. tower defence concept, along with wonderful graphics. A recent update to the app includes better graphics, new transforming tanks and multiplayer mode.

The game includes features such as creating battle squads, alternate endings depending on how players approach the game, multiplayer game mode and others.

-Size varies with the device.

Anomaly 2 can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Rs. 338 ($4.99).

Autumn Dynasty

Autumn Dynasty is a real-time strategy game which is set in a feudal age China. The game also supports multi-touch. Some of the other features included are oriental styles maps, special in-game abilities, Grand story campaign, AI Skirmish mode and Blitz Mode.

This gaming app includes no in-app purchases, along with 4 AI difficulty levels to challenge the players.

-Autumn Dynasty is sized at 112MB.

-Requires Android 3.2 OS or later to operate.

Autumn Dynasty can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Rs. 305.22 ($4.99).

Breach & Clear

Breach & Clear is a SWAT-style tactical combat gaming app for Android users. In the game, players can recruit and arm elite forces which are said to be based on real-world teams.

The game also enables users to cover, breach doorways and deploy positions without letting the terrorists know.

Team members also earn experience points as the player goes through missions.

-Size of the app varies with the device.

-Requires Android 2.0.1 or later to operate.

Breach & Clear can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Rs. 121.56 ($1.99).

Devil's Attorney

Devil's Attorney is a strategic law gaming app based on a lawyer called Max McMann. The game is set in the 80s. Players would have to free all their clients and use the money to buy accessories for their apartment which will in-turn add to the ego and unlock new courtroom skills.

The players have 58 challenges to complete, with 3 neighbours to explore and 9 prosecutors to outwit.

-The game takes up a size of 358MB

-Requires Android 2.3 OS or later to operate.

Devil's Attorney can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Rs. 134.43 ($1.99).

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a virus simulation game in which players guide a disease to a worldwide deadly pandemic by evolving it with new symptoms. Players also unlock new disease types with unique traits in later stages.

Users can, however, be bugged with in-app ads which can be eliminated with the help of an in-app purchase. The in-app purchases also add fast-forward option, or shortcuts to new virus types, reports Android Central.

Plague Inc. is a free-to-play gaming app by

-The game takes up a size of 33MB.

-Requires Android 2.2 OS or later to operate.

Plague Inc. can be downloaded from Google Play Store.