It's been quite some time since we were treated to a survival-horror title that would keep us on the edge of our seats. The kind of experience we are talking about was last experienced via Outlast. The game successfully made us get up from our chairs and claim "my heart can't take this anymore."

Now, a similar, if not augmented, experience is heading our way with the upcoming PS4 exclusive Until Dawn. The game, setting up nicely for its 25 August release date, basically tells the story of eight friends and their attempt to outsmart a masked killer during their stay at an isolated mountain resort.

With Until Dawn hitting store shelves later this month, expect a lot of jump-scares, blood and horrible ways of dying at the hands of a deranged masked man. But if you think that's scary, please be known that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are 4 reasons why Until Dawn will be scarier than you think.

Your Actions Dictate the Finale

Until Dawn will offer multiple endings to the player, depending on the decisions he makes to remain alive. While we still need more details on how the story progression will take place, for the moment, it seems different scenarios will get you different endings with varied outcomes (if all of them die in the end, or one of them survive). Plus, there's an option to get bonus missions for free if you pre-order the game, featuring two new characters, Emily and Matt.

Classic Horror Movies Would Be Proud

Over the years, there have been several hard-hitting, horror movies that have successfully quenched our thirst for revulsion. We can easily name movies such as "The Cabin in the Woods" and "Friday the 13th" that made us feel like we are in the thick of action. Sadly, not many games in the industry have been able to recreate that experience. Enter Until Dawn. The game, although revolving around the same idea of running from someone or something in the middle of nowhere to stay alive, lets you control all the eight characters in the game who have no prior training to tackle such situations. For most of the game, you either hide and run or die, with no way to call out for help. Plus, here's the best part: You get to see your friends die in front of your eyes.

The Star Cast is Mind-Blowing

For starters, developer Supermassive Games has managed to rope in Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere to play Sam, one of the most prominent characters featured in Until Dawn trailers and promotional materials initially. A bit of Hollywood star power never hurts a game (see Kevin Spacey for Call of Duty and Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls); we are sure Hayden Panettiere will do enough justice to the character of Sam.

Choose You Adventures Carefully

Talking about picking and choosing, as we mentioned before, the game will offer eight different characters to control and pan out the story according to their points of view. There will be several scenarios in the game that will force you to make some hard decisions, which will then impact the overall plot. Know that whatever decision you make will have a consequence that will not only affect the protagonist but also others in the group. But you won't know about the consequence until you reach the later parts of the game. Talk about messing with your brain. Gosh!

Stay tune for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]