Apple Inc has launched its much-hyped smartphone iPhone 5 amidst much fanfare on Wednesday. Though analysts are positive about its sales, the company's sixth-generation device can turn out to be a flop in India for several reasons as listed.

1. Price Factor:

iPhone 5 will be priced in the US at $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model and $399 (US) for the 64GB model. Pricedekho reported that the device will cost ₹45,000 approximately, but officials from Apple India told IBTimes that they are yet to decide on the pricing of the new iPhone.

"Indian consumers are driven by price. iphone is too costly for the folks here. I mean when it arrives here, some people will buy but not in overwhelming number," said a 28-year-old media professional.

"Moreover, iPhone 5 is not made for Indian customers. I read somewhere that there are some apps that won't run in this country," he added.

Several other people said that iPhone 5 is too expensive.

"iPhone is too costly. People here may buy once it arrives but it's not for me," said Sushil, who works in an advertising firm.

"I would love to own iPhone but I can't afford one. It's too costly," said another young man who works as a sales manager.

2. iOS 6 / Android Factor:

Apple introduced iOS 6 in its new iPhone but it doesn't seem to impress Indian customers much. With the growing popularity of Android, Indians favour it over the Apple device.

"I am not an iphone fan. Never really used one but it would be my second option after an android if i can afford it," said Sushil.

Media professional Ghanshyam and several other people also opined that iOS is not as good as android software.

3. Time Factor:

Apple Inc unveiled its iPhone 5 on Sept 12, and opened the pre-order window for the device on 14. The smartphone will hit stores in several countries on Sept 21 and 28. Much to the disappointment of many Apple fans in the country, it may arrive in India much later after the hype dies down, ultimately affecting sales.  

Lately, reports are doing the rounds that it will be released in October or November but an Apple India official told IBTimes that they "have not made any announcement regarding a launch timeframe."

4. Hesitation from Indian Telecoms:

Several Indian telecoms claim that Apple's proposition in selling the device is not a workable model. "We don't like their business proposition. They want us to sell a huge number (of the iPhone), which doesn't make commercial sense," First Post quoted an official of an operator as saying.

First Post also zeroed in on the fact that an increasing number of companies like Idea Cellular and Videocon are manufacturing and selling their own phones.

"Let's say it's not purely that reason. We also have our own schemes for our postpaid businesss and our own handsets, which we want to promote," Idea Cellular's Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Rajat Mukarji, said.