The upcoming Mirror's Edge game isn't necessarily a sequel. In fact, developer DICE has tagged it as a reboot of the original Mirror's Edge that became one of the most influential games, due to the intense parkour-oriented gameplay mechanics.

Fast forward to 2015, we are waiting for Mirror's Edge Catalyst, that will feature a number of improvements and will really be an upgrade for the first game. As you may expect, the game will feature Faith as the main character, and will retain the usual gameplay mechanics.

However, for the new Mirror's Edge game, it seems like there's more than what meets the eye. Sure, a number of things have already been written about the game, but there are a few details that still evade the knowledge of fans. Here's a look at the top four.

Flawless Loading and Integration

Since Mirror Edge Catalyst (and the first ever Mirror's Edge) is a game that's all about running and parkour, it's almost evident that the game will offer a flawless loading system that will negate any chances of mid-game immersion-breakage that could spoil the mood. The flawless transition is happening irrespective of the kind of environment Faith is facing. So, for instance, if Faith is heading towards a closed environment (like, a room), the immersion level should remain the same and there shouldn't be any breakage in gameplay.

Faith Has No Guns

Irrespective of the popular belief, Faith shall not be packing heat for Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Some fans will be of the opinion that it's quite a bold move to completely remove guns from Faith's inventory, especially when all of her enemies will be heavily armed. But from a grander point of view, the game is about running and not engaging with enemies if you can avoid them. So, maybe, in time, the gun-less depiction of Faith will gather momentum.

Players Won't be Spoon-fed Anymore

In the old Mirror's Edge, there were markers laid out in red to direct players to their next objective. For Catalyst, however, developers have decided against such spoon-feeding and will now direct players with the help of more colours and not anything specific. Sure, this means a lot of us will be lost among the buildings while finding our way, but that's the challenge we are willing to take for Catalyst.

Know Your Enemy: The Name's Gabriel Kruger

Kruger is set to be Faith's number one enemy in the game. And in all fairness, this guy is a typical evil role-model that we grew up watching on TV, featured in the movies from mid to late 90s. This guy is the head honcho of an equally evil company, owns his own military firm and takes a great interest in questionable genetic experiments on his fellow workers.

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