Ellen DeGeneres Meets the 'Apparently' Kid After a Video went Viral
Ellen DeGeneres Meets the 'Apparently' Kid After a Video went ViralScreenshot/Youtube

Countdown has begun and soon year 2014 will come to an end. However, these 12 months had witnessed many interesting things including viral videos, which made rounds on internet.

From "Apparently Kid" to "Kanpur Monkey Hero", this year was flooded with several such videos.

Here are a few of them, which are must-watch before one says goodbye to 2014.

Apparently kid

The footage is about a five-year-old boy, who was offered a microphone and then he went on speaking more than what he was asked by a reporter. He talked about his grandpa, the Powerball to the effects of dizziness in one go. And the word, which took everyone's attention, was the word 'apparently'.

In the video, Ritter used the word 'apparently' for more than six times within a minute of speaking.

Kanpur Monkey's heroic act

In one of the most touching incident that happened in India, a monkey has turned a hero, rescuing its ailing friend, which was electrocuted in Kanpur railway station. The video, which was filmed by the commuters, has gone viral, and received more than two lakh views, within a single day.

Three-year-old arguing with mother for cupcake

An adorable and hilarious argument between mom Linda and her three-year-old Mateo is a must-watch. In the video, the toddler demands cupcakes from his mother and won't allow her to say no.

The Amazing SpiderDad - 5-year-old Son Battling Cancer Gets Surprise

Five-year-old Jayden's biggest dream was to meet his superhero Spider-man, which his father helped him to accomplish on his fifth birthday. Sadly, the boy passed away recently who was battling with cancer for a long time.

In the viral video, his father Mike Wilson surprised the little boy by dressing up as his favourite superhero and played with him. The viral footage received more than nine million views after it was uploaded on YouTube.

'Oh My God' - Little Girl's reaction while getting flu shot

A video, which shows a young girl shouting, "Oh My God, Oh My God," while getting a flu shot, has gone viral on YouTube this year. Michaela Goetze deserves an Oscar on her award-winning reaction when she shouts, squeals and squirms in fear as the nurse is about to give her a flu shot.

World's Cutest Bodybuilder

Eight-month-old Hadley was captured in a YouTube video mimicking his father as he flexes in front of a bathroom mirror, right before bath-time. The adorable video shows Hadley tensing his arms in the classic bodybuilder move after watching his father do the same.

Deaf Baby Reacts After Hearing his Parents' Voice for the First Time

A seven-week-old Lachlan, who was born deaf, heard his parents' voice for the first time after he got hearing aid fitted.

According to the video, Lachlan was uncomfortable and irritated in the beginning as he seemed not to like the hearing aid. But when it was put on, the baby could hear the voices around him. He stopped crying and was delighted to experience his first listening ability.

Budweiser Commercial 'Friends are Waiting'

The Budweiser commercial was posted on 15 September with a simple idea, which touched many hearts online.

In the video it shows a pup cuddling and playing with his owner as it grows into a full-grown pet dog. Later it shows the owner going out with his friends with some bottles of Budweiser, leaving his dog in the house. The beautiful part comes when the poor pet waits for his owner to return home. It then says in the video, "For some, the waiting never ended."

Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up

A video of a five-year-old girl Sadie, who loves her baby brother too much, has gone viral on social networking sites. Sadie loves her one-year-old brother so much that she doesn't want him to grow up.

Unsuspecting 'Victims' Meet Porn Stars, Told to Touch Them

In this video, the creators wanted to see what a normal person would do when they meet a porn star, who asks to touch them.