Bill Gates
Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates attends a news conference at the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) conference in London June 13, 2011. REUTERS/Paul HackettReuters

The number of billionaires in the world has increased from 1,426 in 2013 to 1,645 this year with the aggregate net worth up from $5.4 trillion to $6.4 trillion. The number of women billionaires rose to 172 from just 138 last year, according to Forbes's recent report.

Bill Gates has reclaimed world's richest person title from Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico after four years. He held the top position for 15 times in 20 years. Christy Walton & family, Sheldon Adelson and Jim Walton have made it to the top 10, pushing Li Ka-shing, Liliane Bettencourt and family and Bernard Arnault to the backseat.

Here is Forbes' list of 10 richest people in the world: 

1) Bill Gates: The co-founder of Microsoft is back on top, becoming world's richest man again after four years with his fortune up by $9 billion in the last one year. Helped by surge in Microsoft shares, his net worth rose from $67 billion in 2013 to $76 billion this year.

2) Carlos Slim Helu: The Mexican telecom mogul's net worth in 2014 is $72 billion, as compared to last year's $73 billion, losing the top stop he held for the last four years. The one billion plunge was due to huge fall of Minera Frisco shares.

3) Amancio Ortega: He retained the position he held last year. His net worth this year is $64 billion, $7 billion up from last year's $57 billion. The man, who holds 60 percent share of clothing retailer Inditex, gained $19.5 billion last year.

4) Warren Buffett: The chairman and CEO of Berkshire retained the spot he held in 2013. His net worth this year is $58.2 billion as compared to $53.5 billion, which is $4.7 billion up. His investments in companies like ExxonMobil and NV Energy helped increase his fortune.

5) Larry Ellison: The CEO of Oracle retained the fifth spot he held last year. His net worth this year is $48 billion, which is up by $5 billion from last year's $43 billion.

6) Charles Koch: His net worth is $40 billion as against last year's $34 billion. The chairman and CEO of Koch Industries got richer by $6 billion after acquisition of a couple of companies.

7) David Koch: His net worth is $40 billion, the same as his brother Charles with whom he owns 84 percent of Koch Industries. His net worth in 2013 was $34 billion.

8) Sheldon Adelson: He jumped seven places to feature in the top 10 world's richest list since 2007. His net worth this year is $38 billion as against $26.5 billion in 2013. The huge increase in wealth is due to surge in the shares of his casino empire, Las Vegas Sands.

9) Christy Walton & family: The richest woman in the world jumped two places to feature in the top 10 richest people list. Her holdings in Wal-Mart helped to increase her net worth from $28.2 billion in 2013 to $36.7 billion this year.

10) Jim Walton: Chairman and CEO, Arvest Bank Group, Inc. and Wal-Mart heir, Jim Walton, who was placed in the 14th position in the list of world's richest people in 2013, is in 10th place this year. His net worth in 2014 is $34.7 billion as against $26.7 billion last year.