There are thousands of apps for the Android OS allowing users to perform different functions. Any reasonable task that comes to your mind will have not one but hundreds of apps listed for it.

Higher the number of apps, bigger the competition. Below is a list of 10 important apps we think users must have it on their Android devices.

1. Any.DO

This is one of the top to-do apps that has flexible and powerful features. This app reminds or alerts users of the missed calls on their cell phone, giving them the option to return the call. A message pops on the bottom of the screen and users can also send quick messages, in case they do not want to answer it or are on another call.

Users can send mails into Any.DO account to read it later. They can also plan their shopping using this app. They can also snooze tasks that have been timer set. All the finished to-dos can be cleared out by shaking your cell phone. Users can also review what they want to do daily on the start or at the end of the day. Download the app here.

2. SwiftKey

This is also a favourite among Android keyboards. The app comes with swipe-to-type feature, predicts the word learning from our day-to-day usage, gesture typing and loads of themes and many more. The app allows users to type without lifting their fingers from the keyboard. The new updates to the app have improved its error correction feature and it can connect to Twitter, Facebook and email account and supports over 60 languages. Download the app here.

3. Clean Master

While having numerous apps on a cell phone might be convenient, it also takes up a lot of space on the memory and RAM, affecting the performance. Clean Master app, as the name indicates cleans the cell phone and has simple and easier interface showing the space on the cell phone's internal and external memory.

The app scans the phone for junk files and clears all the cache and residual files, thus weeding out unwanted files. It has a Privacy option that clears all the browsing history, search history, sent and received messages, call logs and data from apps like saved usernames and passwords. It can also turn off the apps that run on the background, clearing the much needed RAM. It also has an app manager that allows the user to delete pre-installed apps and move them from internal to external memory too. Download the app here.

4. TuneIn Radio

 This is a good app with stable and fast interface for users who like to listen to the Radio. It provides users with music, sports, news, talk, and comedy streaming from radio station across the continent. From 100,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, the app gives users an option to choose their favourite topic and browse through the stations on those topics. Download the app here.

5. Google Translate

For people travelling to different countries, language becomes a barrier. But with Google Translate all such barriers are broken, as users can easily translate more than 70 languages. It has the option of speaking, writing, typing or even taking a picture and all this will be translated by the app. Users can also translate in offline mode so there is no additional burden of staying online all the time. The translations can also be saved for future use and can be accessed from any device. Download the app here.

6. AirDroid

The app allows its users to control their phone remotely from the computer. Users can connect to their device from their browsers using internet connection. Most of the tasks can be controlled from PC, be it viewing photos from cell phone, listening to music or watching the videos.

Installation of new apps and deleting older ones can all take place via the browser with no necessity of installing special software for these activities. Users can also send and receive messages from their PC while working. They will also be able to find their cell phone in case it gets lost or you have misplaced it, but this requires internet to be switched on all the time. It also takes over the phone's camera and shows everything it sees, on your PC. Download the app here.

7.  Perfect App Protector (AppLock)

This is one of the apps that helps users to protect their apps on cell phones. Users can set a password that locks their Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, sms, email, gallery, camera, USB connection, settings and any other app of their choice. It also takes patterns for password and manages the brightness of the screen for individual apps.

The app also takes a picture of users if they fail to unlock it for the third time. It can also display fake error message when a locked app is launched. Download the app here.

8. Dropbox

One of the best cloud storage providing app that can be relied on in the current market scenario, Dropbox actually makes the process of getting a file or a photo on to the cloud really easy and simple.

It has the auto-upload feature that backs up all the photos you take on your cellphone and even has options if users want to share it. The app will keep all the files from your desktop synced if used for PC. Another similar cloud service app is Google Drive. Dropbox can be downloaded here.     

9. Greenify

This app helps users extend battery life by putting apps in hibernation mode. This will stop the apps that from running when not in use. Users can also customize the apps that they want to set for hibernation. Download the app here.

10. CamScanner

Users of this app can turn their cellphone into a scanner allowing them to carry their important documents on their phones. The app uses an individual's phone camera to scan documents quickly. These documents can also be cropped and enhancing texts and graphics of the document is also possible. The scanned documents are easier to search and can be edited with watermark and annotation on cellphones. Users can further take backups of the documents and can even share it or fax it on the go. Download the app here.