Huawei has become one of those Chinese smartphone makers who have established themselves as key players in the global smartphone market. And more interestingly, they have their phones available at every price point. Another reason for achieving a strong foothold is offering great specifications in modest prices.

Like most of the smartphone companies, Huawei also heavily customises the Android with its home-developed EMUI or Emotion interface. For offering a decent user experience, the EMUI offers an intuitive interface with several gesture tricks.

Here are our choices of 10 tips and tricks, which work with all Huawei-made smartphones like Honor Bee, Honor 4C, Honor 4X, Honor 4A, Honor 6, Honor 6 Plus, Ascend Mate and others. 

Gestures and Motion

EMUI adds some intelligent gestures and motions for controlling your Huawei device. The options are flip to mute, pick up to reduce volume, shake to rearrange and tilt to move icons, widgets, keyboard, dialler or navigation bar. Each gesture offers finer controls too. For example, you can specify whether the speaker volume will reduce when you get an incoming call or when the timer/ alarm starts ringing. Go to Settings>>All>>Smart Assistance>>Motion Control and customise the required gestures.

Modify the Navigation Bar

Every Huawei phone comes with three control menus at the bottom of the display. But EMUI allows changing the order or adding the notification panel open option on that bar. Navigate to Settings>>All>>Smart Assistance>>Navigation Bar and turn on the Navigation Bar toggle and choose the desired option.

Hide Your Contact, Album and App

Huawei phones also give an option to restrict certain apps, albums and contacts to yourself only. It actually creates two user profiles — Administrator and Guest. While logged using the admin password, everything will remain open to use, but if logged in using the guest password, certain user-mentioned contacts, albums and apps won't be visible or accessible. For activating the feature, navigate to Settings>>All>>Security>>Privacy Protection. First you'll be prompted to create the admin password and then the guest password.

Tweaking Display- Daydream, Color Temperature

You can change your Huawei smartphones display according to your preference. The EMUI offers you options to change the display colour temperature and brightness. Though we prefer to leave the colour temperature to phone's default settings, an option for modifying colour temperature comes as a great help to make the screen comfortable for reading as per your convenience.

Home Screen Shortcuts

The Huawei EMUI lets you accomplish several tasks even without unlocking your device. Swipe up from the bottom of the display while the device is locked. A menu pops up, which lets you use the device as a voice recorder, calculator, firing the camera or let you use the rear LED as a torch.

Modify Notification

EMUI interface lets you control the notification behaviour of the apps. So you can allow any app to send you notification or block it permanently. Navigate to Settings>>All>Notification Manager and tap on the app icon, which you want to restrict. A popup window will appear with Allow, Notify and Restrict options.


For keeping your notification screen less cluttered, EMUI offers an option. Named as DropZone Manager, the feature allows you to add any seven apps to send floating notification. For accessing the option, navigate to Settings>>All>>DropZone Manager.

Pocket Mode 

The Pocket Mode modifies your phone's vibration and alert volume feature increase gradually when the device is kept inside your pocket. The feature can be activated by navigating to Settings>>call settings and put on the pocket mode toggle.

Manage Home Screen

EMUI also allows you to customise the home screen as per your requirements. On the home screen, pinch on the display with two fingers. The screen will reduce in size and four options will appear at the bottom—wallpapers, widgets, transition and layout. 

Change Wallpaper

Huawei also packs a great collection of wallpapers. The wallpapers can be changed in a random manner or can be changed by shaking the device. To turn on the feature, go to the wallpaper section and activate the desired toggle.