After months of staying beta, the new iOS 9 has finally been pushed out for iPhones and iPads. As expected, the new software update brings a host of new changes and fixes that looks to work on the overall performance, if not anything else. But that being said, it also brings over a host of new features as well.

You must have heard a number of things and read a number of posts about the features provided by the new software update. However, what we are more concerned about, at the moment, are the plethora of hidden features that have also arrived with the update.

Haven't bumped into any such feature after upgrading your iDevice? Let's show you 10 top hidden features that have arrived with iOS 9.

Apple iOS 9 – Top 10 Hidden Features

Save Juice with Low Power Mode

When running on the last few battery bars (20%, to be precise) on your phone or tablet, iOS will ask if you want to enable 'Low Power Mode.' When enabled, it will disable stuff such as mail, background app refresh and auto downloads to reduce battery usage as much as possible. You can enable it manually as well under Settings – Battery.

Shortcut for Apple Pay

With iOS 9 installed on your Apple handset or tablet, you can jump into the Wallet app and pick a card with Apple Pay, without even unlocking the device. Just double tap the home button while the device is locked and Apple Pay should pop up.

Battery Usage Details

While iOS already had the capability to provide information related to the battery usage in the background, with iOS 9, Apple aims at providing even greater information that might help you cut down all those apps that are guilty in that respect. For the added information, head over to Settings – battery, and tap the clock icon on top of the app list.

Search Settings

With iOS 9, you can find any setting in your phone just by searching for them, thanks to a search box that's been tucked away at the top of the settings screen.

Separated Image/Photo categories

Another big addition in iOS 9, which you might have overlooked, is the option to add separate folders for your photos. With iOS 9, front-facing camera images and screenshots now have their own, separate categories. Just tap the "Albums" button in the bottom right and you should see the new folders.

"Shake to Undo" Disabled

For iOS 9, users can finally disable the "Shake to Undo" feature. You can find the option under Settings – General – Accessibility.

Attaching Any Kind of File

One good thing about iOS 9 is that users can now attach any kind of file, not only images. While the feature will drag any file from the iCloud Drive app, users can even connect it to Dropbox. Just tap the "Locations" button in the upper left.

Toggle between Keyboards

For iOS 9, the letters in the keyboard will be upper or lower case, depending on whether the shift key is active. However, it can be disabled as well.

Convert Site to PDF

In case you have missed out, there's a button in iOS 9's build of Safari, which lets users to convert documents to PDF. Bring up the share sheet and scroll to the middle section until you see "Save PDF to iBooks". Tap that to convert the page into PDF.

Return of Public Transit

Public transit, which was removed after Apple parted ways with Google Maps back in 2012, has returned to the default Maps app in iOS 9.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: TechCrunch]