For making virtual reality affordable, Google recently launched an alternative for the budget-conscious consumers. Named CardBoard VR, the device offers a cheaper alternative to costly VR headsets as it is made of paper boards, lenses and Velcro.

Following Google's announcement of CardBoard VR, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has rolled out its own version in the market. Named as OnePlus CardBoard VR, the device uses same materials and is also priced similarly to attract consumers. The OnePlus One famed smartphone maker also announced the launch of its most anticipated phone, OnePlus 2, exclusively on VR.

The CardBoard is basically made to give you a virtual reality experience using your smartphone. Any smartphone having a display size within six-inch can be installed. For making it more thrilling, Google has launched lots of free apps. Here are our pick.


This Google developed app helps you to launch your favourite VR experience, discover new apps and set up a viewer. The Cardboard app also includes handful of VR demos to experience the magic of virtual reality.

InMind VR (Cadboard)

Exclusively designed for Google Cardboard, the InMind VR is an arcade game, which allows you to travel around a human brain in search of neurons causing mental disorder.

Cardboard Theatre

The Cardboard Theatre app helps you to watch your archived 2D and 3D movies giving a VR experience.

Lava Inc. for Cardboard

Lava Inc is a virtual reality experience app, which takes you to a tour of Lava Inc's factory, which is closed for the weekend. It gives a rollercoaster experience inside the building.

3D Camera for VR Cardboard

The free-to-download app allows you to capture images with 3D effect using cardboard. The app also allows you to view the images in 3D by using Cardboard.

Cardboard FPS

A first person shooter game for Google/OnePlus Cardboard VR, where you get stuck in a world of virtual reality where zombies spawn all around you. The only help there is your HK416 semi automatic rifle.

AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS

One of the best movie watching apps for VR users. The app features a gyro mode, four head tracking modes and also includes Superview 180 degree VR experience.


The app gives you a true spooky experience with 360 degree visual and audio. This scary app needs an attached earphone to deliver the experience.

VR Youtube 3D Videos

VR YouTube 3D allows the viewing of YouTube videos with a compatible VR viewer. With Google Cardboard, use the magnet to move through the videos. To search any video, simply pull the magnet and a mic will appear. Say the name of the video and the best result will be played automatically.

VR Hunting for Cardboard

Hunt in a virtual reality world and experience the thrill of being in the wild. Use your weapon to kill animals as much as you can, but be sure to watch your ammunition as you can easily run out of bullets. Don't forget to pick up an ammunition box while playing.