The second half of 2016 is upon us. While many of the most popular artistes/bands, such as Rihanna, Drake, Blake Shelton and Red Hot Chili Peppers, have released their albums in the first half of this year, the albums scheduled for release in the second half looks quite promising. Keeping that thought in mind, let us take a look at the albums to watch out for in July.

"California" by Blink-182

It has been five years since Blink-182 released a studio album. Guitarist and vocalist Tom Delonge's departure from the band last year acted as a major blow to the band. With Matt Skiba replacing DeLonge, it will be interesting to see what this album sounds like.

Release date: July 1

Genre: Punk rock/Alternative rock


"The Bride" by Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes' fourth studio album "The Bride" will tell the story of a woman as she deals with the tragedy of her fiancée passing away in a car crash on the day of their wedding.

Release date: July 1

Genre: Indie pop/Dream pop


"Summer 08" by Metronomy (July 1)

"Summer 08" will be the first Metronomy LP to be recorded by the band's founding member Joseph Mount alone since their debut album. It is their fifth studio album.

Release date: July 1

Genre: Indietronica/Nu-disco


"Ellipsis" by Biffy Clyro (July 8)

Biff Clyro has been one of the most well-known electronic rock acts of the past decade. Their brand of experimental rock music takes influences from heavy metal, grunge, alternative rock of the early 1990s' and electronica.

Release date: July 8

Genre: Electronic rock/Experimental rock


"Nothing's Real" by Shura (July 8)

Shura is one singer of this age who has taken classic synthpop to the next level by fusing it with indie pop and new wave music. "Nothing's Real" is her debut album.

Release date: July 8

Genre: Synthpop/Electropop


"Where The Light Shines Through" by Switchfoot

Switchfoot is a band whose music has been used in a number of films, one of them being "A Walk To Remember." They are known for churning out hit singles which are remembered for a long time (think "Dare You To Move"). Going by their track record, the band's 10th studio album might give us a few hit singles as well.

Release date: July 8

Genre: Post-grunge/Alternative rock


"Youth Authority" by Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte reformed last year, the result of which is their comeback album "Youth Authority." The record will feature collaborations by Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens and Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro.

Release date: July 15

Genre: Pop punk/Alternative rock


"Loud Hailer" by Jeff Beck

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck is also making a comeback this year with his 17th studio album "Loud Hailer." This album will see him experimenting with something he has never done before, i.e., electronica.

Release date: July 15

Genre: World music


"We're All Somebody From Somewhere" by Steven Tyler

Aerosmith might have decided to call it quits next year but that has not stopped frontman Steven Tyler from making music. "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" will be Tyler's debut solo album and it will see him taking the country route.

Release date: July 15

Genre: Country/Pop


"Periphery III: Select Difficulty" by Periphery

Considered as one of the pioneers of the Djent movement, Periphery is known for their heavy yet melodic sound. After the success of last year's double album "Juggernaut," the band is all set to release their sixth studio record.

Release date: July 22

Genre: Progressive Metal