Fans of "One Punch Man," who are waiting eagerly for Season 2 of the series, have finally some good news; Toonami has announced that the series will return by the end of this year.

According to Yibada, Toonami made the announcement through One Punch Man's Twitter account. In the meantime,  the website has also reported that the next season of popular anime will feature the Civil War events as Saitama and Genos prepare themselves for a big battle between Hero's Association and Hero Hunter. According to the website, the war will be headed by Rank 1 hero. Blast.

Previously, the rights to stream the anime were given only to Viz Media by Madhouse, the production studio of the anime. Viz Media has exclusive rights to stream the anime in North America. However, as the broadcast rights are also with Toonami now, the distribution of the series will surely be on a much wider basis.

It seems that Marvel and DC are not the only comic books that have their respective civil war story arcs. Fans have something big to look forward to as an epic hero vs. hero showdown is about to be showcased in the upcoming season of the anime.

The next season will also explore the story of Hero Hunter arc after Garou was defeated by Saitama in the previous season. Season 2 of "One Punch Man" will introduce Hero Hunters; a new organisation that consists of super-heroes.

Hero Hunters is a rival of Hero's Association as there was some bad history between the two organisations. To make sure that the existence of Hero's Association is completely finished, Hero Hunters recruits potential S-Class members.

Though Genos is faithful to his organisation, he fears that the corrupt ways of Hero Hunter will result in its downfall sooner or later.