Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that it really does not matter to him if he has to chase Manchester City for the title after his side drew with Everton and missed a golden chance to return to the top of the table. 

"I'm completely fine with chasing," Klopp said. "I watched Match of the Day last night and saw the celebrations of Manchester City - they had 900 chances and scored one goal, a shot with the wrong foot," the Liverpool manager added.

Well, and he quickly added that the wind conditions did not help the cause of his team, a statement which has been picked up by Twitter and Klopp has been taken to the cleaners, as they say. "The wind does not help and there was a lot today. You have to be ready for the fight of the second ball," said the German.

Mo Salah Lucas Digne Liverpool Everton
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"It didn't help any football play, especially when the ball was in the air, which it was a lot. In a game that was difficult to control because of those things, we had I think three or four really big chances," he further added.

Besides the wind, Klopp has already previously blamed the length and dryness of the grass on the pitch, he has cited too much snow, and well, he has even blamed the TV broadcasters for his side's loss for good measure. 

We collate all his 'reasons' here:

0:1 vs Soton: Too Windy
2:3 vs WBA: Game was cut short due to TV broadcasters
2:2 vs WBA: Pitch too dry
1:2 vs Wolves: Too Windy
1:1 vs Leicester: Too snowy
1:1 vs WHU: Refs (who allowed Liverpool an offside goal)
0:0 vs Man Utd: Opponent's injuries
0:0 vs Everton: Too Windy

Twitter, of course, has noted the trend and has taken Klopp's case:

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp warns of the quality of Hoffenheim ahead of Champions League qualifier
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