"Jism 2" actress Sunny Leone's career took an overhaul in India after she participated in a TV reality show, Big Boss, which helped her to move into mainstream Bollywood business from adult movies.

Besides being part of Indian cinema industry, she also holds other identities as well - she is an active PETA campaigner, a model and brand ambassador for products sold in India.

At a time when the Indo-Canadian adult star is riding high, Leone's Bollywood mentor Pooja Bhatt, in a deal to make the new hot entrant's career more spicy and racy, has announced a different kind of offering.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

The producer of the movie, Bhatt, has decided to auction the wardrobe collections of "Jism 2", including Leone's sexy lingerie! Isn't that a bold offering?

"I am auctioning Sunny, Randeep and Arunoday's entire wardrobe down to their underwear for charity. Taking one's clothes off has never been so noble!" said Bhatt, while talking to a leading daily.     

This was even confirmed by the crew, who tweeted, "Sunny Leone's lingerie along with other clothes of hers and other actors are up for auction for charity... any takers?"

The producers of the movie also posted a sneak peek of the garments to be auctioned online for charity.

Is it by any chance a new way of promoting the upcoming movies? Whatever, the money is meant for a noble cause.

Auctioning of the celebrity undergarments is not new in Hollywood. They auction clothes for life changing causes. Few years back, Hollywood actress Julianne Moore hosted the 3rd Annual of Hollywood Lingerie Art Auction, in which lingerie legend Frederick's was sold for a record price.

As far as India is concerned, it is something very uncanny and may be "unacceptable" for the conservative minds. It might even set off few of the moral policing groups in the country to protest, saying it's against the tradition. But Bhatt has put forward a bold face while commenting on the actioning of lingerie.  

"Why should we have anything against a beautiful lingerie? Hollywood stars auction their lingerie. It's a done thing. There is a huge market for these. Given a chance, I'd love to buy Javier Bardem's undergarments in an auction," said Pooja Bhatt.

Meanwhile, she also confirmed that the action will be done online, "Life is online nowadays. Each item will be accompanied by an autographed photo of the artist and a certificate of authentication."

So who is ready to grab it!