Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise
Tom Cruise leaves his hotel carrying daughter Suri for her gymnastics class on July 17, 2012 in New York, NY.MEHDI TAAMALLAH/AFP/GettyImages

Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter Suri Cruise in several years. On April 18, Suri will be celebrating her 13th birthday with Katie Holmes and most probably with Jamie Foxx. But will Tom Cruise come to the birthday party?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have parted ways long ago but their personal lives have always created hype among the media. Their daughter, Suri Cruise, is now 13 years old but as per reports, she did not get any birthday wish from her Hollywood A-list star father, Tom Cruise.

As we all know, Tom Cruise is an integral part of the Church of Scientology and as per a report by HollywoodLife, what exactly happens in the Church of Scientology is they have a category of people whom they refer to as Suppressive Persons. As per them, if someone goes out and meet with a Suppressive Person, he or she will be often regarded as a Potential Trouble Source.

If Tom Cruise even wish to call or meet his daughter Suri Cruise on her 13th birthday, then he will have to first get in touch with his former wife Katie Holmes. If the Batman Begins movie actress is declared as a Suppressive Person then reportedly, her daughter would be seen as a Potential Trouble Source.

"Tom Cruise would not want to come in contact with an SP. And if he views his daughter as a PTS, which is very likely, he would not be that excited about dealing with her either," added the report.

Tom Cruise and Suri
U.S. actor Tom Cruise holds his daughter Suri during a break in the filming of "Knight & Day", a movie directed by U.S. director James Mangold in Seville, southern Spain, December 11, 2009.Reuters

In addition to this, the report further claims that even though Tom Cruise won't be able to spend the day with his daughter Suri Cruise, he will be sending her a birthday gift.

"It's not something Katie talks about though, beyond saying that Tom does always come through with gifts for things like birthdays and Christmas," the alleged source added.

After Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' high-profile divorce, these two have dedicated their hours in different things. Tom has dedicated his time in making several action-thriller movies, while Katie has devoted her hours to spending quality time with her daughter Suri Cruise. Katie has done everything in her power to give her daughter the best life in every way.