Universal has announced that Tom Cruise has finally joined the reboot of "The Mummy" after months of speculation. The studio also announced a new release date for the upcoming movie in "The Mummy" franchise.

The "Mission Impossible" star will be seen in the reboot as the protagonist, played by Brendan Fraser in all three instalments of the original.

Perez Hilton has reported the studio is trying to rope in Angelina Jolie for the movie as well. If everything works out, it will be first time they will be in a movie together.

Variety has said Universal has set a new release date for the film after the confirmation of Cruise's role in it.

There is not much information regarding the story of the movie. However, the studio has hinted the film will take place in the modern day, unlike the previous "The Mummy" instalments.

The reboot will be directed by Alex Kurtzman, while the script has been written by Jon Spaihts. Besides directing, Kurtzman will also serve as the co-producer of the reboot, along with Chris Morgan and Sean Daniel.

IGN said Universal has plans for developing a universe for several of the studio's classic monsters and come out with a cinematic universe just like Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with Collider, Kurtzman talked about numerous changes in the script and the design work done for the reboot. He said horror would still be a primary element of the movies, mixed with an "epic action-adventure."

"The tricky part is actually how you combine horror with either adventure or suspense or action and be true to all the genres together," Kurtzman said.

Besides Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella is also confirmed to join the cast of "The Mummy" reboot. The movie is scheduled to hit the screens across the world on 9 June, 2017.