Ubisoft released patch 2.3 for
Ubisoft released patch 2.3 for Official Ubisoft Twitter page

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege," first-person shooter video game from developer and publisher Ubisoft, received a new patch 2.3 that aims to fix several issues, including matchmaking, bugs and more. 

Patch 2.3 went live March 30 for PCs, but the tentative date for consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) is April 5. The patch weighs 617MB.

Ubisoft said in a forum post that the main goal of the patch was to "improve upon the Ranked experience as well as the general balancing of the game." 

One important tweak is to the shotgun of game character Buck, which will now be able to breach walls.

The forum post also contains the full patch notes of the update. Below are some to the tweaks and improvements to the game:

General Tweaks and Improvements

Balancing: Operators

  • Frost's Super 90 Shotgun falloff damage now begins earlier
  • Buck's Skeleton Key's environmental destruction has been enhanced

Balancing: Weapons

  • SMG-11's recoil increased

Balance: Spawn Killing Countermeasures

  • Spawn Location Tweaks

Ranked Matchmaking Improvements

  • Ranked matches will now only start if there are 10 players in the lobby

Ranked reconnection mechanics have been improved

  • Multiple reconnection bugs have been fixed
  • Reconnection flow has been reworked to trigger more frequently and easier to access

Casual Matchmaking Improvements

Custom Match Improvements

  • Reconnection now available in Custom Matches
  • Subsequent match within a custom-made playlist is now chosen when the players are returned to the Lobby

Spectator Camera Improvements

  • The spectator camera now handles player deaths in a more coherent way
  • Intensified colour highlights on player cards in order to help with team identification

Cheating Counter-measure Improvements

Main Bug Fixes

Gameplay Fixes

  • Incorrect amount of remaining health is displayed for the victorious Operator when a defeated player is viewing the KillCam replay – FIXED
  • Idle players on a team will receive an idle kick from the match if the other team quits during Preparation Phase – FIXED
  • Players are able to clip through unbreakable walls by running at a wall and lifting a gadget in front of them at the last second before hitting the wall – FIXED
  • Thermite can't place an Exothermic Charge on a damaged wall with a hole big enough to fit the charge – FIXED
  • Montagne can shoot before finishing the animation for unextending the shield – FIXED
  • Parts of Glaz's scope will disappear while entering ADS mode – FIXED
  • Sledge's Breaching Hammer has a low and delayed controller rumble when used – FIXED
  • Sometimes the drones' black and white filter is overridden by Mute's coloured jammer effect – FIXED
  • Players are rewarded with Renown and XP if the other team quits the session before playing at least 2 rounds – FIXED
  • Terrorist AI end up in a loop between evade and idle reaction for every damage tick received from poison gas – FIXED