Update: 4:00 p.m. IST, May 24 

Update 1.2 for "Tom Clancy's The Division" is currently live, Ubisoft announced on its Twitter handle.  

Original Story

"Tom Clancy's The Division" from Ubisoft is expected to receive a new update 1.2 on May 24. The update 1.2 is all set to bring new gear sets, incursion mission, gear sets and more.

The new update adds several content to the game that includes new incursion mission called Clear Sky that will be available in Columbus Circle and in level 30. Players will also be playing several high-value targets with search and destroy missions.

Game participants will also be getting weapons like M60 light machine gun, M1911 pistol, SAIGA12 shotgun and an M1A marksman rifle. Changes would come to the Dark Zone as well.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft noted in one of its forum posts that the servers will shut down for maintenance on May 24 09:00 a.m. CEST/03:00 a.m. EDT/00:00 a.m. PDT. It will be down for a period of three hours.

Here are the patch notes for update 1.2, for full patch notes players can head to Ubisoft blog:


New Incursion: Clear Sky

  • Clear Sky is a new Incursion mission available in Columbus Circle
  • You must be level 30
  • The encounter is balanced for a team of 4 players outfitted with high level gear
  • Hard Mode is available on May 24 when the update is released
  • Challenge Mode will be made available the week after update 1.2 launches

New Gear Sets

Four new gear sets have been added.

    • Final Measure - Stand your ground by defusing hostile grenades with this powerful defencive set.
        • 2 pieces: +50% Exotic Damage Resilience
        • 3 pieces: +15% Protection from Elites
        • 4 pieces: When throwing a grenade, gain the defuse buff. When in range of a hostile grenade, the buff is consumed and defuses the grenade as well as gives you a grenade
    • Hunter's Faith - Duel your enemies at range and come out on top with this survival focused marksman set.
        • 2 pieces: +20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage
        • 3 pieces: +20% Damage to elites
        • 4 pieces: Hitting an enemy with a bullet grants you temporary armour. The further your shot, the more armour is awarded. The armour disappears after one bullet hits you
    • Lone Star - Never reload your weapons again with this game changing utility set.
        • 2 pieces: +100% Ammo capacity
        • 3 pieces: +1000 LMG Damage, +1000 Shotgun Damage
        • 4 pieces: When the weapon is holstered, it regains full ammo
    • Predator's Mark - Make your enemies bleed with this powerful offencive set.
        • 2 pieces: +20% Optimal Range
        • 3 pieces: +800 Assault Rifle damage, +700 Pistol Damage
        • 4 pieces: Hit 10 shots without switching target to make the target bleed for 100% of damage already done by those bullets

High-Value Targets & Search and Destroy missions

  • At level 30, complete all Encounters and Side Missions in a named area to get access to the "Search and Destroy" missions in the Safe House
  • Receive Target Intel as a reward for completing Search and Destroy missions
  • Bring Target Intel to HVT officers at the Base of Operations to locate High Value Targets
  • Complete daily and weekly High Value Target missions for end game rewards

Hijack Extractions

  • When a player attaches a bag to the extraction rope, another player now has the ability to sever the rope
  • Severing the rope will cause all extraction bags to fall to the ground, scattering their contents as a public loot drop
  • Be careful, hijacking an extraction will instantly mark you as Rogue!

Sealed Cache

  • Named and Elite enemies in the Dark Zone can now drop Sealed Caches that contain mystery items
  • Sealed Caches need to be extracted before they can be opened, just like regular loot drops
  • There are four qualities of Sealed Cache:
    • Specialised
    • Superior
    • High End
    • Gear Set

Player Stash in Dark Zone Checkpoints

  • Player stashes are now available in every Dark Zone checkpoint
  • Checkpoints stashes eliminate the need for fast travel to your Base of Operations to collect your extracted loot!

ISAC Assignments

  • The ISAC Assignment is a new assignment type included in the map overview
  • The ISAC Assignment will be available to players at level 30
  • Every week a new ISAC Assignment will be available to the player
  • The ISAC Assignment will reward players with exclusive vanity items


  • Added new high-end named weapons in the game.
    • Hungry Hog: M60 Light Machine gun
    • Centurion: M1911 Pistol
    • Medved: SAIGA12 Shotgun
    • Historian: M1A Marksman Rifle
    • (Showstopper - AA12 Shotgun): Please note that while the Showstopper will be implemented in the game with this update, it will not be acquirable in-game until update 1.3
    • The Historian high-end marksman rifle is now available
    • Added a 201+ Gear Score bracket for high-level players