The issue of cheating and exploits in "Tom Clancy's The Division" had left many players and the gaming community worried and frustrated. Ubisoft had promised to take action, and has announced stronger measures that are expected to discourage players from indulging in activities that harm players from having "smooth high-quality experience."

"From the very beginning of development, our emphasis has always been on the player experience and how good we want it to be. We have great plans for the future of The Division, and for these to succeed we must make sure to provide a smooth high-quality experience," said a blog post on Ubisoft forums.

Following player feedback, Ubisoft announced it was implementing a new cheat detection method, which would let the developer identify players using the cheat engines in the game. It also noted that this method has already helped the developer catch more cheaters that it could previously.

"As a result, we will be handing out the biggest wave of suspensions and bans to date over the course of the next few days," Ubisoft noted.

The company has said it is increasing the initial suspension ban from 3 days to 14 days for players caught cheating for the first time. If players are caught for the second time they will permanently banned. 

It further said that it is working on bringing new upgrades to cheat detection in "The Division."

Ubisoft also noted that based on fan feedback, it will be "reviewing" its "development and testing process" to "further minimize the amount and impact of these bugs going forward."

But it warned that since it cannot simulate the experience on how players will react from their end, some bugs might pass the testing process.

Ubisoft has assured that it would be moving in quickly in the event of discovery of new bugs, and said it will confirm if the bugs are considered exploits. If they are then it will be listed in public forum threads so that players will be duly informed.

Players who are caught using the exploit after the confirmation, will have to face the consequences and that includes "sanctions" on players who is given to abuse exploits repeatedly.

These sanctions can include character rollbacks, account suspensions and permanent bans. But Ubisoft also assured that those players who encounter bugs during the normal course of the play will not have anything to "worry about."

It noted that one of the measures includes "Dissuading players from impairing others' gameplay."

"We are fully committed to providing an enjoyable and fair environment for all our players, and will take all steps necessary to achieve this goal," Ubisoft promised.