"Tom Clancy's The Division," the popular video game from Ubisoft, has been facing several issues ever since the game launched on March 8, 2016. Reports have suggested that one of the popular features in the game -- Daily Missions -- has again gone missing. This seems to be a recurring issue with the game. 

Ubisoft acknowledged the prevalence of the recurring issue of missing Daily Missions and has suggested that it will come out with a permanent solution for the problem.

Early in April, these Daily Missions disappeared and Ubisoft had to fix them via an April 12 update. Ubisoft needs to address the issue once and for all, and it has promised to do so in a Tweet.

Meanwhile, Hamish Bode, community developer for The Division, has said via a Twitter post that the Daily Mission will be fixed on Wednesday, May 4.

Recently, Ubisoft released a new update that was focused on punishing and solving bug exploits and the issue of cheating in the game. It had taken a strong position against cheaters, banning them permanently on second count.