"Tom Clancy's The Division," the popular video game from Ubisoft, is rumoured to receive a new Underground DLC even as players have found a new set of information via datamining. This follows the DLC's listing on Amazon Germany.

Datamining has led players to dig out new information on the rumoured Underground DLC for "Tom Clancy's The Division." According to gaming blog Division Field Guide, miners were able to discover that the DLC would add a new Incursion called Dragon's Nest that is set in a broadcast centre where players will require a gear score of 240.

This means there would be an increase in the level cap as the current maximum score is 228. The current score was introduced by Conflict's Incursion Clear Sky.

It was further discovered that there are newer Dark Zone districts from DZ07 to DZ11. These districts also have code names, like DZ08 is called Hamish. They also discovered a new zone called "Gym Kill List."

Apart from this, there could be more PvE events that feature supplies that are contaminated, and rogue agents, who are getting weaker.

There is, however, no official confirmation about the new Underground DLC for "Tom Clancy's The Division." 

The Underground DLC is expected to be released on June 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft revealed in a post titled "update on cheating" that cheating has been "a source of frustration" to the community and that the company has brought constant server checks in place and these checks have constantly improved since the game's launch.

Ubisoft announced that it has taken punitive action against cheaters by handing out permanent bans for about 3,800 players and has taken action against over 30,000 accounts. This, according to the post, "led to a significantly improved experience, particularly in the Dark Zone."

Ubisoft also announced that it has made changes to its first offence policy, as it has not dissuaded first time offenders. The company stated that it will apply permanent bans on first offence for players caught using cheat engines.

The company also assured loyal players that it "will take all steps necessary to track down cheaters and make sure they cannot spoil your enjoyment of the game."