Ubisoft has revealed that it has updated the list of Daily Missions on the popular video game "Tom Clancy's The Division." This comes after the Daily Missions went missing from the game.

Ubisoft said in Forums' patch notes post that the developer has "updated the list of Daily Missions to avoid any potential missing days. Please note that the list has been updated on the server only and may not appear updated in the client files."

Meanwhile, Ubisoft talked about the upcoming update 1.2 in its State of the Game blog post and live stream on May 4.

Though the developer was not able to share all the details of the new update, it revealed about being "more generous" in terms of quality and quantity when it comes to loot, and also that there would be significant improvement in the working of the loot system. Ubisoft will bring changes to reward end-game content and the company is conducting "extensive QA testing" as pre-release measure.

The update would act on making high quality iron drops available more often, the game would include more buffing and there will not be any drastic nerfs.

Update 1. 2 for "Tom Clancy's The Division" would include new features and the developer has decided to "go after" spammers, it had recently cracked down on cheaters in the game.

It was also revealed that the update will be adding three new Dark Zone Brackets. However, the update does not yet have a release date.

Here is the breakdown of the live stream from Reddit user, JokerUnique:

Daily Mission Problem

  • They have updated the list of the daily missions, so that there are no more problems
  • The file on the client has not been updated only the server side file – and the file on the server has the last word when it comes to these missions 

1.2 Updates

  • No Date on that yet, but it is in the testing phase
  • There will be a new Daily Mission system that will fix the current problem with the missing dailies
  • Testing is very important to not repeat the 1.1 problems and that it is rock-solid this time
  • New Dark Zone 200 Bracket for Gear Score 200 players with higher-level enemies and better loot
  • Dark Zone 200 Bracket has the best quality loot and good chance to get 204 items and 240 Gear Sets
  • There will be 3 Dark Zone Brackets: -160 / 160+ / 200+
  • Dark Zone 200 Bracket will only have High End Division Tech
  • Dark Zone 200 Bracket will have 32 – 34 NPCs
  • Open World / PVE will also get an update with more activities (currently unknown)
  • New Dark Zone Activities (still unknown)