The Division
The Division is scheduled for 8 March, 2016 release.The Division blog

Tom Clancy's The Division video game from Ubisoft that promises open-world RPG experience revealed the release date of its beta version.

Mikel Reparaz, editor of The Division video game, noted on Ubisoft's blog that the beta version will be available on 28 January. Though the game is being rolled out to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, those with Xbox One will get to play the beta 24 hours earlier than the PC and PS4 counterparts.

Reparaz further detailed what the beta players will get to play. He noted that the game will start at Manhattan's Chelsea Pier where the players are introduced to story-driven missions that will "...establish your [the players] foothold in New York."

The beta players will team up with other agents for loot. They will also get to play PvP match called Dark Zone.

Those interested can sign up here for the beta game.

Dev reveals level cap details

Magnus Jensen of Massive Entertainment revealed about the level cap in The Division video game during an interview with VG247. He noted that once the players reach level cap of 30, there will be changes in the content in Dark Zone.

"One of the cool things we do is that once you hit the max level – level 30 – suddenly the whole Dark Zone repopulates with all-new content and challenges suitable to that level," he said.

This level will also let the players find better gear, equipment and loot.

The Division is set to release on 8 March.

1TB Xbox One bundle

Microsoft has announced it will release a new 1TB Xbox One console with Tom Clancy's The Division bundled for North America.

The game copy will be coming with digital full-game download and those who pre-order it in the US will receive access to the beta version of the game. This particular bundle will cost $399.