Nicholas Hoult in Tolkien movie
Nicholas Hoult in TolkienNicholas Hoult (@nicholashoult/Instagram)

The first trailer of Fox Searchlight's most-awaited biopic Tolkien has finally arrived. The upcoming movie is co-written and directed by Dome Karukoski and will feature Nicholas Hoult in the titular role of JRR Tolkien.

The upcoming movie will feature Tolkien's relationship while he attended his early school and how he spent time as an aspiring author before the horrors he endured by the First World War.

The acclaimed writer, philologist, and poet JRR Tolkien is known as the author of classic fantasy works like The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and The Lord of the Rings.

Just like Tolkien's fantasy books, his own real life was filled with several adventures, which he used in his writings.

Back in 1914, when Britain entered the First World War, everyone was shocked when Tolkien elected not to immediately volunteer for the British Army. In a 1941 letter to his son Michael, Tolkien recalled about those days and stated that it was a "nasty cleft" for a young man who had high imagination but very little physical courage.

Nicholas Hoult in Tolkien movie
Nicholas HoultNicholas Hoult (@nicholashoult/Instagram)

In 1915, Tolkien was commissioned as a temporary second lieutenant and trained with the 13th Battalion on Staffordshire for 11 months. In 1916, he came down with trench fever and was invalided to England.

Many of his closest school friends were killed in the war. Among them was Rob Gilson of the Tea Club, who was killed on the very first day of the Somme while leading the battalion in the assault on Beaumont Hamel.

In later years, Tolkien recalled the war and declared that whoever found a resemblance to his work to the Second World War were mistaken. In the preface of The Lord of the Rings' second edition, Tolkien wrote:

"One has indeed personally to come under the shadow of war to feel fully its oppression, but as the years go by it seems now often forgotten that to be caught in youth by 1914 was no less hideous an experience than to be involved in 1939 and the following years. By 1918 all but one of my close friends were dead," via

Tolkien later served as the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon and Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford from 1925 to 1945.

Coming to the upcoming movie, Tolkien, will feature a great deal of how Tolkien might have imagined the fantasy world and how he created the world famous Fellowship.

However, several fans were disappointed when they did not get to listen to the iconic LOTR theme background score when they got to see that word O closely resembling the LOTR's ring.

It should be noted that Lords of the Rings movie series is produced by WingNut Films and distributed by New Line Cinema; whereas the upcoming Tolkien, is produced and distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures. So, it looks like the right to use that theme music from LOTR is with New Line Cinema only.

Whatever the case is, fans would love to see the rollercoaster life of the writer who gave us Gollum and Hobbit. The biographical movie is slated to release on May 10.