• Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo
    Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo, which is ranked as the safest city in the world.Reuters
  • The skyline of Singapore's central business district.
    The skyline of Singapore's central business district. Singapore is ranked the second safest city in the world.Reuters
  • Osaka
    Night view of Osaka City, ranked third safest city in the world.It is one of the largest cities in Japan.Reuters
  • Stockholm
    A glass gondola carries visitors to the top of the Ericsson Globe Arena 130 meters (427 feet) above sea level during a press preview of the Globen SkyView in Stockholm, which is ranked as the fourth safest city in the world.Reuters
  • Amsterdam
    Dutch supporters attend a public screening, of the FIFA 2010 World Cup final match between the Netherlands and Spain, on the Museumsplein in Amsterdam, fifth safest city in the worldReuters
  • Tehran
    A general view shows north Tehran after the first Autumn rain. Tehran was ranked second-last among the safe cities list at 49.Reuters
  • Jakarta
    Indonesian dancers wait for the start of a cultural parade marking the country's 69th Independence Day celebration in Jakarta. Jakarta was ranked as the least safe city in the world.Reuters

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released the 'Safe Cities Index 2015', in which Tokyo tramples all others to take the highest rank. Safe Cities Index 2015 ranked the 50 cities after a quantitative and qualitative analysis of digital and health security, and infrastructure and personal safety of each city. 

Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka feature among the modern cities that use intelligent design and carefully considered city layouts to reduce the threat of violent crimes and terrorist attacks, according to the study.

Here are the top five safest cities in the world: 

  1.  Tokyo, Japan
    With a population of 38 million people according to the UN, the Japanese megacity ranks the highest in the safety charts. It also ranks number one for digital security and is among the top five cities in terms of personal safety and infrastructure despite frequent earthquakes.
  2. Singapore, Singapore
    Placed a mere three points below Tokyo in the digital security category, Singapore ranks second in the 'Safe Cities Index 2015'. With notoriously strict punishments for crimes, the rich Asian city is popular for an extremely low crime rate.
  3. Osaka, Japan
    Osaka also ranks among the top five in the digital security category, although 10 points below Japan's capital city of Tokyo. In terms of health security it ranks number six, and is listed among megacities such as New York, Los Angeles and Paris, that are famed for keeping citizens safe. The upper middle-class income of its population ranges from US$30,000 to US$50,000, making it a relatively wealthy city.
  4. Stockholm, Sweden
    Stockholm is the only non-Asian city in the top five in the personal safety category, led by Singapore. The most populous city in the Nordic region, Stockholm also ranks seventh in digital security and 10th in health security. With an immigration population of 1.2 million, Sweden's capital city is also highly multicultural and offers a diverse cityscape.
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Most famous for its carefree lifestyle and legalised marijuana, Amsterdam has always been a popular destination for tourists. With a population of approximately 7 million and an amazing infrastructure, Amsterdam has found a spot among the top five safe cities of the world.

Sydney in Australia, Zurich in Switzerland, Toronto in Canada, Melbourne in Australia and New York in the United States, rank from sixth to tenth in the Safe Cities Index 2015, respectively.

Indian cities of Mumbai and Delhi got the 44th and 42nd positions, respectively. Mumbai, which falls at the bottom of the list when it comes to cyber-crime, the city is famous for its sprawling slum developments. Capital city of Delhi ranks low with all of the main cities of the BRICS economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa): São Paulo (40), Moscow (43), Beijing (37) and Johannesburg (47).

The cities that found spots at the bottom of the list are Riyadh in Saudi Arabia at 46th position, Johannesburg in South Africa at 47th, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam at 48th, Tehran in Iran at 49th and finally the Indonesian capital of Jakarta at the last place.