Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul anime is rumoured to get a winter release
Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul anime is rumoured to get a winter releaseFacebook/Tokyo GHoul

It has been almost a year since the season 2 finale of "Tokyo Ghoul" came out, and despite the fans' disappointment in the root A episodes, they are still hoping to see more of Kaneki and the rest of the ghouls. In fact, there was even a huge petition for the renewal of the show for season 3 aka root B.

Gen Fukunaga, the CEO and President of FUNimation Entertainment revealed to  Movie Pilot that "Tokyo Ghoul" will start airing new episodes in 2016.  "Ever since we began simulcasting the anime series last year, fans of 'Tokyo Ghoul' have been clamoring for a mobile game. With Season 2 now finished and Season 3 set for 2016, the anticipation for the game has only grown higher," he said, confirming not only the new season, but also the new mobile game for fans. 

The news, however,  has made the anime's overwhelming fan-base both ecstatic and terrified. While on one hand, fans do crave a fair share of "Tokyo Ghoul", there is the fear that FUNimation and Studio Pierrot might repeat their mistakes from the previous seasons.

However, the fans themselves have offered a better solution, by suggesting that rather than continuing with the current storyline, the show-runners could reboot the entire show. From Anime Maru's article about season 3, it does not look like "Tokyo Ghoul" is planning a reboot. Moreover, the anime has been taken over from Studio Pierrot by Madhouse, offering a new ray of hope to fans. 

According to the first episode of season 3 that is exclusively available to Anime Maru staff, root B will focus on Touka Kirishima, who is distressed about having to choose between Kamii University, To-Oh University and Duke University. They also mention that "The only reason why I want to go to Kamii is to be with Kaneki, but he did a Mark Zuckerberg on me and dropped out in order to move on to greater things. I'm not even interested in literature," is a message from one of the acceptance letter drafts Touka writes.