Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 to introduce a new protagonist?
Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 to introduce a new protagonist?Facebook/Tokyo Ghoul

The Season 3 of "Tokyo Ghoul" is definitely happening and it is understood that the upcoming season will feature Touka Kirishima prominently. Although an official release date has not been announced for the Season 3 premiere, it is understood that it will happen during Winter 2016 anime season.

Anime Maru reported that the main focus of the next few episodes will be Touka's crazy college application process. "This is perhaps the most disillusioning, psychological and darkest plot line that we will attempt to adapt," an unnamed writer for "Tokyo Ghoul" told Anime Maru.

There is quite a bit of stir within the online community about the rumour that Touka will choose to go to To-Oh University. Anime Maru wrote after watching the first episode of Season 3 that Touka contemplated over going to Kamii University, To-Oh University and Duke University.

The only reason Touka wants to attend Kamii is to be near Kaneki, but he has decided to move on to greater things, so this reason is invalid. Touka fears about racial tension in the United States and the Ghoul discrimination at Duke. Her remaining option is To-Oh, which is where Anime Maru says Touka will go.

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After many failed attempts at writing essays for her applicatoin, she wrote, "I think I like justice" to To-Oh. Now, devoted manga fans know that Light Yagami of "Death Note" also went to To-Oh University.

Considering Madhouse handles the animation for "Death Note" and the same studio will be taking over animation of "Tokyo Ghoul" starting Season 3, it is hard to shake them off as mere co-incidence. This would just be the tip of the hat to Madhouse's previous venture, but it has still made many fans like Nicole excited:

Here are some facts:

1: Madhouse made the anime Deathnote.
2: Madhouse is taking rights to Toyko Ghoul.
3. Light Y. And L went to To-Oh University.
4. Touka is considering going to To-Oh.
5. Light and L have a high sense of justice.
6. On her entrance exam to To-Oh, says " I think I like justice.

Try and tell me that's not a coincidence.
* fangirl squeals*