"One man's comedy is another man's tragedy" This popular dialogue seems to have hilariously come true for the parents of the girl who smashed their television while dancing. A video of a little girl, dancing to a song and in excitement, breaking the television has left people in splits.

In the video that has now gone viral, a little girl can be seen dancing and towards the end, jumping on the television screen and falling down with it.

Girl breaks TV while dancing on Morakka

Time for some breakdance!

The 30-second long clip shows a little girl dancing in excitement while watching television. The girl, dressed in a white top and blue jeans, seems oblivious to anyone recording her brilliant dance moves. The song, Morakka from Tamil movie Lakshmi is seen playing on the screen. The popular track is from the film starring Prabhu Deva, Aishwarya and Ditya.

At first, the parents recording the video are seen enjoying the little girl's dance. But, towards the end-of-the-video, they face their worst nightmare as the girl tries to pull herself up by holding the television screen and falls along with the TV. The video is then abruptly stopped and we can only wonder what happened next!

This video has taken the internet by storm, applauding the little girl's commitment to every dance move shown in the hit song.