Toblerone fans are not happy with its shape change.Toblerone/Facebook

Chocoholics all over the world have at least tried Toblerone once and is one of the most popular Swiss chocolates brought from abroad whenever our friends and family come for a vacation.

Now the ardent fans of Toblerone seem not to be very happy with the new change the company has introduced. The iconic triangular peak-shaped chocolate has now been refigured with a larger gap between the peaks that has not gone well with chocolate lovers. The manufacturers have claimed that the change has been introduced due to the rising costs in making the chocalate and claim that they have only changed the design of 400g and 170g bars sold in the UK. However, its price haven't changed.

"What the what?!?! @Toblerone ... when did you create a dual carriage way through the mountains?!?!," a netizen react after spotting the new design of the popular chocolate. Another social media user says that the day 9/11 is all about bringing change in the world history, be it the US elections, scrapping of Indian currency notes Rs 500, 1,000 as well as Toblerone shape change. "9/11 is meant to change history of the world. Like literally, LOL #ElectionDay #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #Toblerone #indiancurrency [sic]." 

Following the negative reactions from Toblerone fans from all over the globe, the company has come forward with an explanation on why they have changed the design of the popular chocolate. 

"We appreciate the passion of the Toblerone fans around the world. Due to rising costs in making our chocolate, we recently announced a weight reduction in two Toblerone bars. The 400g bar was reduced to 360g and the 170g bar, sold in the UK only, is now 150g. Our other bars remain unchanged. We will never compromise on taste nor our famous Swiss quality and can assure you that the Toblerone recipe hasn't changed," the chocolate manufacturer posted on its Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Toblerone shape change has become a hot topic of discussion for netizens, who have made it one of the top trending topics on social media. At the time of reporting, more than 43,000 people are discussing the news on Facebook (India) alone.

Check out how netizens reacted to the new Toblerone design here:

Lia Christodoulou

What has happened to the world in 2016 #USElection2016 #brexit #Bowie #Prince #Wogan #Toblerone

David ‏

It's Official - The Worlds Gone Stupid .. #Brexit - Bad Move #USElection2016 - Mad Move #Toblerone - Sad Move

Kim ‏

Am I the only one who actually prefers the new #Toblerone?! Much easier to break off! #TobleroneGate

Harry Steele ‏

Guys let's not lose focus i know things look bad but we we cannot let #toblerone get away with what they've done

Adrian McNally

I don't care but I feel I should correct something. "Rather than charge customers more" "The 400g is now 360g" Surely if the price remains the same and you get less product you are being charged more.

Kris Syd Glen

Oh no. What am I going to do when somebody brings me one back from an airport after they've been on holiday once in a blue moon and it's not the same shape?

Dean Hodkin

If you are one of the people that this upsets please feel free to jump in front of the first bus you see!

Reuben Knutt

These look easier to snap than the original. I'm sure we've all had the chilled Toblerone struggle

Renée Sweeney

Bought one today and it was more like a yorkie. Big chunks of chocolate in the middle-