The Tamil Nadu police informed the Madurai High Court bench on Friday that they have filed a case against self-proclaimed Godman Nityananda and two others, for allegedly serving holy water mixed with drugs at the Adheenam mutt.

Early this month, the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) in Tamil Nadu filed a petition before the Madurai bench against Nityananda and others alleging that the Madurai Adheenam mutt has been used for practicing immoral activities, blaming the Godman for all these.

The petition came up for hearing at the Madurai bench on Friday, when the police officials asserted details about the case filed against Nityananda, who moved to Madurai after the Karnataka police impounded his ashram located in the outskirts of Bangalore.

The complainant, Solaikannan, alleged that the police had turned cold feet towards his petition and refrained from taking any action to test the nature of water that is being served in the mutt.

Solaikannnan has been strongly opposing Nityananda's appointment as the 293rd pontiff of Adheenam mutt. He alleged that he went to the mutt once on an invitation from Nityananda.

"During my visit to the mutt, Nithyananda urged me to drop the protest against him. Later, he invited me to the evening prayers where senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar, was present. At the prayer hall in the mutt, I was offered 'holy water' by the devotees. Moments after drinking it I felt dizzy. Other devotees who drank the water were also in a similar state," TOI quoted Solaikannnan as saying.

Early this month, Nityananda was arrested by the Karnataka police officials after a woman disciple from US levelled sexual allegations against him on a Kannada TV channel. Moreover, his followers were involved in an alleged attack against journalists, who were invited for a press meet. The Godman was later released on bail.

Nityananda's ashram was seized based on allegations that he was indulged in immoral practices and sexually abused his devotees in his ashram. The investigators are now in the process of gathering evidence against Nityananda.

The controversial Godman has been in the headlines since 2010 after a sleazy video purportedly showing him and a film actress in a compromising position was aired on a TV channel. Both of them argued that the CD was doctored and intended to spoil their reputation.