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Prithviraj Sukumaran and Indrajith Sukumaran's latest Malayalam movie Tiyaan finally hit theatres across India on Friday, July 7. The Jiyen Krishnakumar-directed film has been making waves ever since the makers announced the big-budget project, which is touted to be a first-of-its-kind venture in Mollywood.

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The teaser, trailer and other promo videos of Tiyaan also impressed the audience, who expect it to be a classic that may meet the standards of world cinema, taking the Malayalam film industry to a whole new level. Even Prithviraj and Indrajith have stated that Aslan Mohammed and Pattabhiraman are the most challenging characters ever penned for them. Actor Murali Gopy, son of late actor Bharat Gopi, has written the script of the socio-political drama thriller.

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Apart from late actor Sukumaran's sons, Tiyaan has an ensemble cast, including Murali as Remakant Mahashay, Padmapriya Janakiraman as Vasundhara Devi, Ananya as Amba, Ravi Singh as Kushal Ghorpade, Mridula Sathe as Parineeti Adve, Suraj Venjaramoodu as Jayanthan Nair, Shine Tom Chacko as Jameel Askari, Rahul Madhav as Anil Raghavan, Ranjeet as Khan Sahib, Amit Tiwari as Ramnath Gujjar and Paris Laxmi as Elen Richard, among many other actors in significant roles. Indrajith's younger daughter Nakshatra also makes her acting debut as Arya Pattabhiraman Giri.

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Haneef Mohammed has bankrolled Tiyaan under the banner of Red Rose Creations, while Gopi Sunder has composed the movie's music. The film, with a running time of two hours and 48 minutes, was earlier scheduled to be an Eid release, but was postponed after facing some issue with the censor board.

Watch the teaser and trailer of Tiyaan movie below:


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Jeethu Joseph

Tiyaan is an entirely different film, shot brilliantly through the ways which Malayalam films haven't travelled much... Prithviraj and Indrajith were exceptional in portraying their roles with perfection... Great attempt and it is definitely a visual treat for Malayalam movie lovers.. Congrats to the entire team :)


Fahad K Valiyamannil

#Tiyaan, a socio-political movie for our times. There is one dialogue amongst the many brilliant dialogues in the movie that I just loved and had to share: "Each #religion's religious texts have verses by the 'One' as well as the ones added by us humans. They are easily differentiable from each other just by reading them together. And one must only follow the verses by the 'One' above us."

Kiran Johnson Vattoly

#Tiyaan a political religious Movie with top notch class,Meaningful Dialogues & Powerful Acting which pushes Mollywood to the next Level #MuraliGopi take a Bow
The #Brothers were just AwesomeBGM by #GopiSundar
Jiyen Krishnakumar Hats off. Didn't feel that the movie was from a Debut directorPlease don't go for an entertainer,rather book your tickets for a Classy,Unique movie☺️ 4/5

muhammad adhil‏ 

#TiyaanPromising 1st haf followed by a half baked 2nd.Had many ambitious elements for a superb flick but needed sharper writing, esp in 2nd. It finally manages to end up as an abv avg fare with some well written characters,dialogues and stellar performances. @Indrajith_S got the most meaty character and he is superb while @PrithviOfficial and Murali Gopi shines in their roles. Anyways claps to Murali Gopi for coming up with a bold and relevant subject questioning one of todays most happening Sangi-ism. He also moves his pen against the Godmen and people's blind beliefs and defines what shud be your real religion and belief.


Tom Babu‏

#Tiyaan interval... Unsubtle and Cartoonish like Left Right Left... But decent enough so far... Sanghi baiting always help...#Tiyaan ends up being quite average overall. Religion is good but it is the charlatan God men that is bad message done to death...Both Sanghis and Atheists will end up hating #Tiyaan... That still leaves a large target audience for it in Kerala...2/5..

BMS users

Prithviraj's movies comes with different story and thrills the audience. Next , the teaser, trailer and song are very promising and technically looks great.

One of the best movie in INDIAN FILM HISTOTY. An action drama said about the particular serious subject in our country. PRITHVIRAJ-INDRAJITH-MURALI GOPI amazing combo. Prithvi at the top as ASLAN. BGM and songs are awsm by GOPI SUNDER and cinematography was great. Over all great movie from MOLLYWOOD industry to the Indian cinema...Rating 5/5

Malayalam box office‏

#Tiyaan superb movie
2nd half a bit predictable but still very entertaining
Excellent direction
Inderjith pritvi
Daring attempt
Livedup to the expectations
Cinematography&BGM is outstanding
Script could have been better but still

Abhilash Visw‏

#Tiyaan is simply a new experience. Must have to be seen in theaters. Stellar performance from @PrithviOfficial @Indrajith_S. Awesome.

Siva Sai‏

#Tiyaan is a work of fiction which tackles the grasp held by religious propaganda in India.Deep fantasy drama


#TIYAAN Interval:
Very relevant and bold subject
@PrithviOfficial , @Indrajith_S & Murali are superb
Gopi's bgm

#Tiyaan is truly an EPIC film
What a brilliant script, Hats Off to Murali Gopy
An intense socio-political drama
On the whole it's EPIC

Amal Varghese‏ 

Watched #tiyaan fdfs @changanacherry dhanya.... #loved it... all credit goes to murali gopi simply outstanding #Tiyaan #tiyaanism


#Tiyaan 3/5. Not Every One's cup of tea
Loved the plot!
@PrithviOfficial and @Indrajith_S wre terrific
GO N watch the movie with family

Arjun Prasannan‏ 

#Tiyaan Rocking First Half! Indian philosophical concepts optimally mixed with the typical commercial Indian cinema ideas. Way to go! #Tiyaan

Forum Reelz‏ 

#Tiyaan | Good First Half With Stunning Visuals #MuraliGopy Write A Rebel Religious Script.. Good Interval Scene..


First 30 minutes ..kollamm.. Setup okke nice..

Besto Joseph

Very Relevant and Intriguing First Half. @Indrajith_S Leads first Half. @PrithviOfficial is good, Excellent Tech side #Tiyaan #Interval

Malayalam box office‏

#Tiyaan 1st half superb
Pritvi indran Gopi
Visual treat
Different type of movie, Hinduism and current situation

Mersal Rasigan‏

#Tiyaan interval @PrithviOfficial Nice Performance With Some Scenes and Two Dialogue


#Tiyaan firstHalf Over
#Superbtheme #Muraligopys Excellent screen presence @PrithviOfficial @Indrajith_S


@Indrajith_S as Pattabharamagiri dominates the screen presence in first half. Slow paced, intense storytelling ✌️