Titanfall to launch on 11 March. (Facebook)

This FPS video game with online multiplayer-only matches from developer Respawn is nothing like any other game. Titanfall Beta is open to Xbox One and PC players, before its eventual release on 11 March. The Xbox 360 version will be released on 25 March.

All Xbox One owners will be able to try the game out for free, according to Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn, who announced this via Twitter.

Below are some of the tips and tricks that might help the player to fight better, (via Venture Beat) considering the huge size of the Mechs (Titans) and the ability of individual players to run on walls and fight from any surface in the game environment.

Titans - How to defeat them?

Titans are machine beasts which are powerful and can easily crush any player on the ground. So, how to deal with them?

  • Fight a Titan with a team - It is better to take on an enemy Titan by teaming up with your squad members and attacking it together in a synchronized way.
  • Jump out - If you are playing a Titan versus Titan battle, sometimes it is better to jump out of your mech and let your Titan steer itself. After jumping out, you have different choices - you can hide, or attack the enemy with an anti-Titan weapon from the ground, or jump on the enemy Titan's back and start firing.
  • Use all you got - Players need to use all the weapons and tools at their disposal - primary weapons, secondary weapons, abilities and melee attack. Players need to mix things up to heighten their chances of survival.
  • Airdrop your Titan - This is a good way to clear a lot of your enemies, if you know that they have been holding a place for long time. Players can call in for their Titans to be dropped in the region.

Grunts/Bots - How to defeat them?

Titanfall's Grunts are also known as the AI minions or bots. It is easier to kill a Grunt in Titanfall, when compared to Titans or players.

  • Weak Grunts - Grunts are usually weak, slow and even stupid. During death matches (Attrition) players can kill Grunts until they jump into the battle. But players must be aware that it is not worth wasting a long time chasing them, and should focus on the ones that are in front of you.
  • Do not get carried away - These minions are not worthy of kills. If you start spending more time killing them, enemy players will know your position, as they can see you lit up on the minimap. Minions also take lot of time to pull the trigger.
  • Keep on moving - Kill minions only if it is between you and your destination.
  • Keep looking at the minimap - Players must keep looking at the minimap for enemy minions (tiny dots) and, if the enemy is firing weapons, there will be a big red circle. Try to attack them from a distance.
Titanfall to launch on 11 March. (Facebook)

Other tricks for survival:

  • Get a Vantage Point - It is essential for any player to get to the rooftops to gain the advantage of mounting an attack on an unsuspecting enemy.
  • Never stop - It will be good for players if they can keep on moving without having to stop at one location for a long time. It is very difficult to bring down a target that is in motion constantly.
  • Call-in Titan at right time - Titans must always be called in at the right time after making sure there are no armed enemies. Players can go to quieter location in the map and call them in to be air dropped.
  • Know you environment - There are certain aspects of the map which helps players in getting the running and jumping combos, like for example in the Angel City and Fracture maps which have structures that help in getting these combos.
  • Hang move - Players can also try the hang move where players stick a knife into the wall when being chased or attacked by a Titan. Players can get behind it and shoot it in the back or jump onto it and tear open its compartment.
  • Titans as decoys - Players can also use their Titan as a decoy since it can automatically follow you or guard an area or you can set it up as a decoy and trap your enemies.
  • Titans can dodge - Titans can bend and thus can get to lower places when there is heavy fire.
  • Burn Cards - After leveling up for few times, players will get access to Burn Cards that will offer bonuses and power-ups that players usually do not have access to.
  • Use squad member - If an enemy player is on your Titan's back, players have to ask the help of their squad member to punch them off, then the player must exist from the Titan and shoot them. Players can also eject from the Titan that will put them into the sky.

Maps and Modes Revealed  

A NeoGAF user has mined out details of Titanfall's maps and modes using a hex editor on Titanfall beta's data files.

It was revealed that Angel City and Fracture maps have places like Colony, Relic, Airbase, Boneyard, Corporate, Outpost, Lagoon, Rise, Smugglers Cove, Training Ground Overlook, Nexus and O2.

The beta edition of Titanfall has already revealed that the game has Attrition, Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing modes. Below are speculations from the NeoGAF community - Capture the Flag and Variety Mode.

Here is a list of the Titan and Pilot perks - Auto Eject, Nuclear Ejection, Dome Shield Battery, Minion Detector, Explosive Pack, Survivor, Fast Autoloader, icepick, Power Cell, Regen Booster, Warpfall Transmitter, Enhanced Parkour kit and more.

The user revealed a list of pilot and Titan ordinances and weapon class names. Respawn has not commented on the findings, said IGN.