Titanfall was launched on 11 March.Facebook

Titanfall, the new FPS title from developers Respawn Entertainment and publishers Electronic Arts was released on 11 March and the reviews have been positive of the new IP that has no single player, but is an online multiplayer only game.

The game was released on Xbox One and PC and it will release on Xbox 360 on 25 March. The game will introduce players to mechs called Titans that can be piloted or put on auto-pilot and sent in for enemy destruction. The Titans have weaponized armor for protection and are fairly huge.This is a fast paced combat and players can run on walls to evade enemy Titans.

The game has two different campaign modes - IMC or Militia. Players will have to side with either of the two factions. The game adds new modes like Attrition, Hardpoint Domination, Capture the Flag, Last Titan Standing and Pilot Hunter.

Players of Titanfall will be eligible for Burn Cards when they complete a challenge and are rewarded for it. These Burn Cards can be used only once and have limited advantage. These cards will provide players with a 40 seconds off a Titan drop, a new version of shotgun and so on.

Below we provide a roundup of the game for people who have not yet bought the new game that will certainly 'thrill' you when you play:

  • Polygon - Rates it 9.0/10

"Titanfall is the rare game that feels like it came out on top of the few compromises Respawn has had to make. Sliding the spectacle and holy shit moments of an epic campaign among bold, fast multiplayer that steals unlikely elements, Respawn has made them shine like they belonged there all along. Titanfall may not mark the same kind of sea change that Modern Warfare started, but the pieces are all there in a game that delivers on its potential as the next big thing." Read full review here.

  • GameSpot - Rates it 9/10

"The overarching experience of playing Titanfall is one of rejuvenation and reinvigoration. The sprint speed, the arsenal, the game modes and more are all firmly derived from some of the most successful online shooters of recent years. But by reinventing the way you move, Titanfall reinvents what it feels like to play a competitive shooter. The high-flying action intertwines beautifully with the brutish, tactical titan battles, creating battlefields that crackle with possibility. Titanfall is a leap forward for shooters, a game that combines the vibrant and new with the tried and true to create something special." Read full review here.

  • GamesRadar - Gives 4/5 Stars

"Titanfall blends familiar concepts with innovative ideas in remarkable ways, leading to a nearly nonstop supply of awesome moments. But for as, fun as it is, you'll likely find yourself wishing Respawn was more ambitious when it comes to game modes, since there's a good chance you've captured enough flags for one lifetime." Read full review here.

  • Joystiq - Gives 4.5/5 Stars

"When it's not all a clash of the you-know-whats, when there's a volatile mix of scampering boots and earth-rattling bipeds on the battlefield, Titanfall truly excels. It subsists on imbalance and the race to bear big arms first. It feeds on the fallout that results when equality means the other guy gets a robot too. Titanfall isn't tuned to perfection for everyone yet, but it starts as a smart, swift and startling movement in well-traveled space." Read full review here.

  • Videogamer - Rates it 8/10

"But for all its strengths, its reliance on tried and true modes and rigid maps stops Titanfall achieving its full potential. Capture the Flag, Attrition, and Domination are the best gametypes, but none of them show the same invention that's occurring elsewhere in the title, leading to a feeling of natural fatigue. Some of the maps also feel too similar to each other, lacking in distinction and campaign multiplayer is sadly non-dynamic. A very good first instalment then, but the best is yet to come." Read full review here.

  • Game Rant - Gives 4/5 Stars

"When we first went hands-on with Titanfall we were dying to play more and that still holds true today. What Respawn Entertainment has created is addictive, thoughtful and accessible to a wide variety of gamers. It might not feel completely fresh or deserving of its next-gen label, but the game brings enough new elements to the table that it should stand out from the pack. Yes, there are some missteps with the customization and mode options and there will always be the pitfalls of that online requirement, but as it stands Titanfall hits all the right notes. Is it the next evolution of multiplayer? Probably not, but it's so much fun to play that many will overlook its faults and find little time for anything else." Read full review here.

  • Destructoid - Rates it 8/10

"Titanfall has all of the pieces to make a very nice FPS puzzle - a wide variety of well crafted maps, a decent amount of familiar game modes and a prestige system to hold the interest of veterans. In that sense, it's a very welcoming game that many disenchanted genre fans will enjoy. Just don't expect anything monumentally different or a worthwhile world to enjoy while you're having fun shooting everything in sight." Read full review here.

  • GamerTrailers - Rates it 9.3/10

"In the end, Titanfall presents a collection of gorgeous, well-designed multiplayer maps, with a variety of game modes that change their flavor. It is an ambitious game in some aspects, while playing it safe in other others. Although the campaign multiplayer strives to entertain, the multiplayer experience easily overshadows it with its balanced battlefield choreography. If you're looking for a story-driven experience, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a shooter, Titanfall will satisfy and surprise you. It doesn't redefine first-person genre, but it certainly threatens the status quo, and that's a welcome step forward." Read full review here.

  • Forbes - Rates it 9/10

"Titanfall is a great game and an incredible amount of fun. Combat is creative, exciting and never, ever static. It lacks depth past its core concept however, and hopefully that's something that can be rectified well ahead of the inevitable Titanfall 2. But right now, this is the game the Xbox One needs, and it's the first true must-have of the new console generation." Read full review here.

  • Official Xbox Magazine - Rates it 8.5/10

"Again, our expectations weren't sky-high, but it's rare to play a campaign where your actions feel so utterly unimportant to the narrative. Still, it works well as a structured way to familiarize yourself with Titanfall's action, unlock some customization options, and rack up a few easy Achievements - and for the target audience, that might be more than enough. So long as you understand what you're getting, Titanfall is a wonderfully fast, open, and instantly accessible 12-player shooter, and if playing online is at all important to you, it's an essential addition to your Xbox One library." Read full review here.

  • Xbox Achievements - Rates is 90/100

"Other than a few hiccups and oversights, Titanfall is the shooter that so many gamers have been waiting for. It's almost faultless from a gameplay perspective, blending some hardcore mech-heavy action when you're piloting a Titan with the agile parkour-orientated Pilot gameplay, but it may be judged to be lacking when you look at the online options - no private lobbies, custom matches and a forgettable campaign. Still, despite these few shortcomings, Titanfall is sure to usher in a new era of multiplayer shooters and is a game that is more than worthy of your time." Read full review here.