Titanfall was released on 11 March 2014. titanfall.com

Respawn Entertainment's upcoming FPS video game, Titanfall, where players battle out as pilots of mechs in online multiplayer matches, has new gameplay details that have been revealed by a Reddit user, who posted it after getting the chance to play the alpha version of Titanfall.

The game makes use of the cloud computing service of Microsoft.

The user said that the game had a "pure combat" and called it "near perfect." It does not have shields. The user called the map and level design as "awesome" while pointing out that the alpha phase consisted of only two maps and two game modes - first one was to capture and defending the three bases and second mode was a team deathmatch.

As of now it has "6 titans battling it out with 6 other titans," which the user called "a tad sparse" and it should be "10 on 10, or at a minimum 8v8."

The artificial intelligence (AI) bots in the game may be powered by the Cloud, and they are only for "target practice." The AI bots are only for namesake and they do not help or hurt or kill any players.

The gameplay has been locked at 60 frames per second, which does not affect the graphics of the game that has been described as looking "over-sharpened" with "too many white outlines everywhere."

The user wishes to have a destructible environment like the one in Battlefield 4 (Levolution) and hopes that perhaps a future game, Titanfall 2 will have such an environment.

The user also says that when the game comes out on 11 March, 2014 it will be a "highly rated" and "great" game. However, the only problem is the game is that it is restricted for release only on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, there is a $10 Xbox Live credit on Xbox One and Xbox 360 to consumers who pre-order Titanfall, according to Microsoft's US store. The offer will be available until 10 March. Titanfall costs $59.99.