Titanfall was released on 11 March 2014. titanfall.com

Titanfall, the FPS video game with online multiplayer only mode from developer Respawn Entertainment, will be receiving free updates on aspects like nameable custom loadouts and filters search via Challenges.

This revelation was made by Steve Fukuda, game director in a blog post detailing what can the Titanfall gaming community expect from future updates.

He explained that Titanfall will be receiving nameable loadouts and players will be able to make game mode specific custom loadouts. There will also be addition of filtering the searches via Challenges and scoreboard from the previous match in Last Game Summary.

The next update he said will be adding infrastructural features like the first wave of custom Private Match options, where players will be able to tweak the Private Match experience in a number of ways. He added that Respawn wants these features to be released as early as possible for feedback from players.

He has promised that players can expect tangible content like a new Burn Card set and Titan "Nose Art" Insignias which can be used to customize Titan's identity.

The blog has also teased about competition-oriented and competitive spirit features in the future updates, though no information was given out.

He also spoke on the game's fist update that he was designed to "tend the garden and keep the weeds out" with focus on "the current game, rather than adding new features." He also added that it was released with small tweaks and fixes for the game. He also added that they has brought in convenience features like Party Colors feature.

Titanfall's first DLC, Expedition will have three new maps - Swampland, Runoff and War Games and will be released in May. This DLC is a part of Season Pass and others can buy if for $9.99. Respawn confirmed free DLC with new Burn Cards and multiplayer mode during the recent PAX East panel in Boston. There have also been hints on the variations on the existing game modes may be on its way.

Titanfall was released on 11 March 2014 for Xbox One and PC. The Xbox 360 version of the game, though delayed was released in April.

Image credit: titanfall.com

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