Times Higher Education 2015 World Reputation Rankings.Twitter/TimesHigherEducation

The Times Higher Education (THE) has released its World Reputation Rankings 2015, in which India once again failed to make it to the top 100 universities while United States' Harvard University ranked number one in the list.

Like last few years, India has nothing to boast about this year as well. This is not the first time Indian universities have not been listed in the top 100 list of THE, and it has been lagging behind several countries in the educational field since 2012.

India had once managed to get into the list ever since THE began ranking the universities in 2011. It was in the same year India was among the top countries that made into the list and Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore now known as Bengaluru was ranked 92nd.

"It is really a matter of concern that a country of India's great intellectual history and its huge and growing economic power does not have a single university that is regarded by academics globally as being among the world's most prestigious," The Indian Express quoted editor of the 'THE' rankings Phil Baty as saying.

"Brazil, Russia and China, the other great BRIC nations, all have at least one top 100 university in this prestigious list. It is the time India give more support to its leading universities to ensure that they can compete on a world stage," he added.

While Brazil and Russia has one university each in the list, THE has brought in two Chinese universities in the World Reputation Rankings 2015 list. Brazil's University of São Paulo ranks 59, Russia's Lomonosov Moscow State University is on 25th position and China's Tsinghua University ranks 26 and Peking University ranks 32.

The other institute that might not be very happy to see 2015 ranking is United States based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which has slipped to the fourth spot after remaining steady at the second position. 

University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, which have always remained below the US Universities, have now been ranked second and third respectively. While Cambridge replaced MIT, Stanford University lost its position to Oxford and came down to fifth rank.

Although two of the United States universities have lost their positions to United Kingdom, it still rules the top 10 list having eight universities from the States. The next five in the top 10 includes University of California, Berkeley, Princeton University, Yale University, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Columbia University.