Timberman Cheats
Timberman is an arcade style game.iTunes Store

Timberman is the latest sensation on the mobile gaming segment boasting of simple graphics and addictive game-play.

Timberman was developed by Digital Melody and has already risen to great heights. The app was featured in App Store's Best New Games section, it also scored the top spot in US App Store free chart and it also boasts of 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 downloads in the Google Play.

This is a fast-paced game with good graphics. The music element is comparatively better than Flappy Bird as the background track keeps building up the tempo.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that will help players to score higher:

Develop your own Rhythm

  • Players will have to develop their own rhythm to chop down the trees.
  • Though some players would prefer to follow the beats in the background score, it might as well lead to your death since you will instinctively keep up with it.

Keep Eyes Open

  • It's not just the chopping of the trees that will matter in the game as players will also have to keep eyes open on the obstacles that will try to kill them.
  • Players must know that tree branches that will lead to your death.

Keep an Eye on Timer

  • Players will also have to keep an eye on the timer as it will be empty after some time.
  • The faster and consistent taps from you, then more time gets refilled.
  • After garnering a higher score and levelling up, players will notice that the timer now goes down faster, meaning players will have to be consistent in their tapping while the process is all speeded up.

How to avoid the branches?

  • When players see that there are no branches on the side you are currently chopping, then use your thumb to hammer the screen as fast as possible until it changes. Also, before players switch to the other side, pause it and check after how many branches you have to switch back

After 200 Change your Rhythm

  • Once players have scored 200, players will have to shift from their medium to quicker chopping rate.

Compete with a Friend

  • Players battling against their friends in order to gain better scores than them will be fun and will keep you hooked throughout.

Unlock Costumes

  • Players will also be able to unlock new costumes not only via the required score, but also the total number of the wood chopped

More Tips

  • Players have to play with two fingers
  • One finger to the right and one to the left
  • Placing the smartphone on table and playing it will help
  • Make sure you have cleaned your screen as any trace of oil or water might not read your tap
  • Phones that have screen protectors will have to remove it as it will also hinder you.

Check the video below if you want to unlock all the characters:

(YouTube Courtesy: Ewan White)

Players who already have jail-broken smartphones will be able to use the following hack to score more:

(YouTube Courtesy: 8BitMiner)

Download the app for free on iOS and Android device.