TikTok has been facing a lot of flak these past few days. From the app's users to the content, the Indian public seems done with the app. On Twitter, many have demanded the takedown of the app. These demands began when Faizal Siddiqui's video was caught for encouraging acid attacks on women.

Faizal Siddiqui's video on TikTok has come under major fire due to a video promoting acid attacks against women. Despite sending out a clarification regarding the video, TikTok has made a move by banning the artist's account.

Faizal Siddiqui

Faizal Siddiqui's account banned

Faizal Siddiqui came under huge fire for his video, which offended the public. In the video where he throws water in the face of a girl, created an uproar for mocking acid attack victims. The NCW also took action against the video writing to TikTok to take the video down. 

A trend began on Twitter to ban TikTok in the country, and users began leaving terrible reviews and ratings of the app on Google Play. This forced the platform to take action against the video and Faizal Siddiqui. The TikToker's account was banned on the grounds that it violated 'multiple community guidelines.'

Earlier acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal had posted on Instagram about the video and its offensive nature, "Thanks to National Commission for Women for taking cognizance of the viral video by TikTok 'influencer' Faizal Siddiqui promoting acid attack. Such videos/actions should be strictly debarred which are against society."

Pooja Bhatt had called the video depraved and Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker tweeted, "Hey @TikTok_IN why and how are you allowing this kind of content -which is SO obviously celebrating and promoting aggression and violence against women, and perpetuating false misogynistic stereotypes -to be published & viewed freely on your platform??? #Shame." 

Ashish Chowdhry also called out the video, "Pure example of the sick and diseased side of social media. @TikTok_IN must show sense by chopping off its tumour infected parts. There's a bunch of stupidly enthusiastic people doing just about anything on social media, who must be shown the door in order to keep a proper decorum." 

The video was alarming to many because it set a poor example, Faizal was earlier in the media following CarryMinati's video YouTube versus TikTok which became a huge controversy in itself.