KSRTC in Bengaluru kept on shrugging their duty. (Representational Image)Wikimedia Commons

The bus fares from Bengaluru has skyrocketed due to an indefinite interstate bus strike following which most of the private buses have doubled their prices than the normal fare.

This has caused a major setback for people travelling to and from Bengaluru, as the bus operators are charging a minimum of Rs 1,500 and above for travelling to nearby states. The bus fare has been doubled as there is a huge rush of passengers on weekends, especially to Kerala.

Many of the people have cancelled their weekend plans due to the hike in bus fares and people who wanted to go back to their house to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi are in jeopardy. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has also increased its rates.

Not just bus but flight tickets have also been hiked as commuters who depended on private buses opted for flights this week. The ticket rates had skyrocketed on Friday and came to normal on Saturday. The fare from Bengaluru to Kannur was Rs 8,000 on Friday and was back at Rs 3,000 on Saturday.

The people are also accusing the bus operators of tricking the public by demanding such hefty sums just for a one-way-trip. Most of the people living in the coastal belt were unable to travel outside their state due to the torrential rains and floods, which had devastated many states of the country.

Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra have suffered a huge deluge as the rains and floods had destroyed the roads and other transportation ways. And the bus operators trying to fleece money from the public at such a time is really insensitive.

The government of Kerala and Karnataka are operating additional services to match up the crisis, yet the passengers still find it difficult to find seats as most of them will be booked even with the exorbitant amount.