Tata Motors has said in a statement that nearly 5,800 units of its Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles have been damaged in last week's blast in Tianjin, China.  

"Tianjin Port is one of three major locations in China through which Jaguar Land Rover imports vehicles. At the time of the explosion, approximately 5,800 vehicles that had recently been shipped to China were stored at various locations in Tianjin", said the statement.

Other global carmakers such as Volkswagen AG, Hyundai Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp , Daimler and BMW AG are still counting their losses.

Access to the blast site is still restricted as a result of which, Tata Motors is unable to to quantify the total number of vehicles damaged.

The number of cars damaged at China's largest auto import hub is expected to be more than 10,000 units, when the entire damaged is assessed. This is likely to affect the delivery of vehicles to customers in the Chinese market.

"We will continue to monitor the situation and work to minimise the impact on our customers and the business," Tata Motors added.