Salman Khan and his mother on Farah Khan's show
Salman Khan and his mother on Farah Khan's show.YouTube Screenshot

Salman Khan's one of the most infamous controversies was his 2002 hit-and-run case, in which one person died and multiple were injured. In an old video, Salman's mother Salma Khan is seen saying that she is scared to sit with him while he drives.

The superstar and his mother had once appeared on a candid chat show hosted by Farah Khan. During the show, while Farah was appreciating a 44-year-old Salman's mother for appearing on the show, she said she does not go anywhere with him when he drives.

"I don't sit with him when he is driving," she said when Farah asked her if she does not go out with Salman. When the actor enquired the reason behind it, she said that she is scared to sit with him when he is driving because he does not like waiting at the traffic signals, for which he takes zig-zag routes that makes her head spin.

Salman then jokingly told her that he has had an accident case against him, and it is not the right thing to say about his driving. The veteran lady then said he does not drive fast. The Dabangg actor then added that she is not scared to sit with him only, but with Sohail and Arbaaz also.

The funny interaction brought out a lot of interesting aspects of Salman's life, as both of them were at their candid best. Salman was given a clean-chit by Bombay High Court in the case in 2015 stating that there was not enough evidence against the superstar.