Three people on Drugs hallucinates to be Attacked
Three hallucinating on Drugs claimed to be attacked (Representational Image)Reuters

Three people got hallucinated over drugs and claimed that they were hurt and shot by their imaginary attackers in Jackson County, Florida.

The Jackson County Sheriff's office received a call from a newspaper delivery person complaining about two men and a woman shouting from second floor of a house for help. They claimed that they were shot and held hostages for several hours, according to

After a while, officers arrived for their rescue and asked them to step out of the house. But the trio were afraid to come out as they still thought that the attackers might be there in the ground floor of the building.

When police urged them for details about the attackers they were unable to provide proper details. They said they had been attacked and the woman claimed that she had been stabbed in her abdomen. But further investigation revealed that it was a light superficial scratch and all other injuries were self-inflicted by the trio themselves.

Damian Hines, 21, Matthew McDaniel, 30 and Madison Douglas, 18, threw bathroom sink, toilet, sheetrock, wood firearm parts on their imaginary attackers, reports Overall, the damage made by the trio was more than $ 10,000.

Three people on Drugs hallucinates to be Attacked
Several ingredients and items were found in the residence which is used to manufacture methamphetamines (Representational Image)Reuters

On further investigation, the officers found several ingredients and items used to manufacture methamphetamines. They also got used methamphetamine products along with straws and pipes used to inhale or smoke illegal narcotics. This revealed that the trio were on Meth (drugs) and therefore, hallucinating the whole scenario.

It was their imagination that they were held hostages and were shot by many attackers. Later after the investigation, the three were charged with possession of methamphetamines, attempt to manufacture methamphetamines, felony criminal mischief and possession of drug paraphernalia.