Kabul attack
Afghan policemen keep watch at the site of an attack in Kabul on 14 May 2015.Reuters

At least three people were killed and many wounded in a suicide car bombing near the airport of the Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Sunday, sources and witnesses said.

"The attack occurred around 9:06am on Hawa Shinasi road near the military section of the Kabul international airport," Sayyied Jafar, a witness, told Xinhua news agency.

The target of the attack was a foreign military convoy traveling on the road, he said.

At least one foreign military man and two passersby were killed, Jafar said.

Fire engines and ambulances were rushing to the scene as a plume of smoke was seen rising above the site.

The blast also damaged many shops and houses as well as vehicles in the area.

Government troops cordoned off the area shortly after the blast, to stop people from gathering at the scene over fears that there might be a second blast.