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After action thriller Kasaba that made tremendous box office collection, Mammootty's comedy entertainer Thoppil Joppan is set to become the next blockbuster of the megastar.The movie, helmed by Johny Antony, was released all over India on October 7, and is pitted against Mohanlal's action thriller Pulimurugan.


Thoppil Joppan, a bachelor from Thoprankudi also a Kabbadi player, is forced to move to Mumbai due to unemployment. He is in love with Annie (Andrea Jeremiah), but by the time he gets back to his hometown, Annie has gotten engaged to another person. Following this, he becomes a drunkard and decides not to get married. He later meets a young girl Maria (Mamta Mohandas) and the incidents that follow form the gist of Thoppil Joppan, which has a few memorable humorous dialogues.

Though the Mammootty-starrer, scripted by Nishad Koya, has opened to positive response from the audience, it has garnered mixed reviews from the critics.

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Lensmen Review

Thoppil Joppan from Johny Antony is a movie written in a very lazy way, just to include a lot of dialogue humor. With a wayward plot getting muddled over by lackluster writing, this Mammootty starrer's only positive is probably the comeback of Salim Kumar in his signature comedy role. Thoppil Joppan is just around two hours in terms of runtime and that's a big relief as the movie is largely pondering without a subject to address.

Manorama Online

The typical achayan is not a mass hero, but is someone who we all would love to meet. Most of the fun in the movie spurs from Joppan's timely dialogues with his friends essayed by Sreejith Ravi, Alancier lay, Sohan Seenulal and Saju Navodaya. Thoppil Joppan's climax may be predictable, but there too we find ample scope for fun. If you are a Mammooty fan and feel it's time to enjoy a movie with family, Joppan welcomes you to Thopramkudy. The megastar has kept his word.

Indian Express

Mammootty's Thoppil Joppan is a good time pass movie with a strong social message. The most striking part of this comedy film is, except for Joppan and friends, other characters are very practical. Characters that are not controlled by their emotions and know how to let go of things when needed.

Times of India

Mammootty looks a true blue, handsome achayan in the film and he proves again that none else can outdo him when it comes to carrying off the role. His charisma upstages everyone else in the movie and when he makes an appearance in slow motion in the classic white-and-white ethnic avatar, you can't help but be glued to every ounce of it on screen. An average, almost-predictable storyline also chugs alongside making the film an OK experience, but there's nothing more to it that makes the film anything exceptional.