Thondan.PR Handout

Samuthirakani's movies are never meant just for entertainment. The director has used this medium to give messages and tried to showcase things happening around us in the society, while also, in most cases, making the audience understand the importance of relationships. Now, he is back with his 11th directorial in the form of Thondan.

Thondan is a social drama starring Vikranth, Sunaina and Samuthirakani himself. Soori, Thambi Ramaiah, Soundaraaja, Nama Narayanan and others are also in the cast. It has Justin Prabhakaran's music, Richard M Nathan's cinematography and AL Ramesh's editing.

The film deals with the lives of ordinary people. It is the journey of an ambulance driver Maha Vishnu (Samuthirakani) and his assistant Vikcy (Vikranth). The director has taken inspiration from some real-life incidents that he read in newspapers.

The movie had a special screening for the critics and the reviews on Twitter are already out. Find out their posts below:

Thondan.PR Handout

Kaushik LM: #Thondan 1st half - Good dialogs. The visuals of the song PoiVaravaa are a highpoint. @thondankani is 'Mr.Perfect'. Dramatic interval block
#Thondan 1st half -The thrilling scenes when 'Singams' @thondankani @vikranth_offl & GanjaKaruppu save lives in the ambulance work very well
#Thondan 2nd half -The conflict arises in the form of a corrupt bigwig(played by Namonarayana). Our hero is pushed to the limit but prevails
#Thondan 2nd half -There is a Ramana-like scene where @thondankani talks about the jallikattu movement & all the different TN cattle breeds.
#Thondan - Like usual @thondankani films, it's preachy, dramatic, msg-heavy, has lots of 'karuthu'. But the ambulance angle is interesting

Sathish Kumar: #Thondan - Yet another Social Message oriented movie from #Samuthirakani for his target audience with powerful dialogues

Ramesh Bala: #Thondan : Is a sincere attempt from Dir @thondankani about a man who solves problems without resorting to violence.. Good msg like #Appa

ChristopherKanagarajā€¸: #Thondan - Social oriented message based powerful & Bold Dialogues r 1nly strength, 'Poi Varava' song picturization superb. Climax bore.Avg!

Suganth: #Thondan plays out like the movie equivalent of a moral science class. Check out my review...