Prabhu Solomon has broken the trend of casting newcomers in his movies by roping in established actor Dhanush for his latest flick Thodari. The director, who is known for making content-oriented films, is back with a romantic thriller in which Keerthy Suresh plays the love interest of the "Kolaveri di" hitmaker.

Thodari Movie Stills

The movie has Harish Uthaman in a negative role and Karunakaran, Thambi Ramaiah, Ganesh Venkatraman and others in the supporting cast. Vetrivel Mahendran is the cinematographer of the flick, which has the editing by LVK Doss. D Imman has scored the music and his Manusanum Manusanum and Adada Ithuyenna songs have turned out to be chartbusters.

Thodari is a romantic film that is set in a train. Dhanush plays the role of a pantry boy named (Poochiappan) and Keerthy Suresh enacts the role of a make-up artist of an actress played by Pooja Jhaveri. Harish Uthaman has done the character of a commando.

Poochiappan spots Saroja (Keerthy Suresh) for the first time in a train and it is a love at first sight for him. A human error puts the 700-odd passengers travelling in a train along with a Union minister, played by Radha Ravi, in trouble. Will the lives of the people be saved by the government? Watch the film to get the answer.

Thodari has opened to mixed reviews from the audience. The Tamil film is being praised for its good visuals and brilliant performance by Dhanush. Keerthy Suresh emotes well and has done justice to her role. Thambi Ramaiah's portion is not impressive. Overall, the screenplay is not up to the mark and logics go for a toss, which makes it an ordinary film, say viewers. Here, we bring to you the comments posted by audience about the flick:

Hari:#thodari FDFS, review on its way... builds the expectation as we know @dhanushkraja is best when he underplays his character.. @igtamil
#thodari half way thru, there is no real motive for any of the comedy, anger, dialogues, fights,appears very artificial, second half awaits
#Thodari some stunning visuals await the second half, but confusing logic, comedy, insults, revenge and all that.

ChristopherKanagaraj: #Thodari Plus - 1st half few comedy scenes, Radharavi, Witty Dialogues, 'Pona Usiru' song
Minus - Story, Screenplay, CG work, 2nd hlf
#Thodari - 2nd half : Trolling TV channel talk shows & Dhanush doing dance,fight,run & romance over the top of 140km/hr moving train:( :(

Vinoth Maruthappan: #Saroja @KeerthyOfficial Play's as a Malayali Touch-Up Girl  in #Thodari
Cuteness at its peak & That Dheiviga Ragam Song
Watching #Thodari Now at @VettriTheatres

VJ Abishek: @dhanushkraja makes his acting look so effortless @KeerthyOfficial 's expressions need a mention. Comedy cud hav been limited #Thodari
Limiting d entire first half to a train n its stimulus, #Thodari does take time 2 pickup, but manages 2 ease past d mist thru insult comedy
Uncompromising effort from the stunt team! #Thodari gets way too nail biting at one point only because of such contributions! Sit-com wins!
Amidst d cliché n d running time with acceptable duds here n there, #Thodari is still a nearly woven romantic- thriller! Go get ur berth :P
No wonder @KeerthyOfficial is bein opted 4 Biggies. Her performance in #Thodari is a commendable effort. Just 1 costume, she still shines :P

Murali T misfit: #Thodari walked in with very low expectations.. expecting a t movie is much better than that
#Thodari irritating comedies in 1st half specially,logic loopholes in 2nd half n few unintentional funny scenes. still a decent watch 3/5

Ramesh Bala: #Thodari : Could have been shorter.. More Logical.. Better VFX..
#Thodari : A novel attmpt in makin a movie on a train.. @dhanushkraja shines in a tailor made role.. @KeerthyOfficial is fab as da naive gal
#Thodari 1st Half: Movie takes time to establish.. All come together brilliantly for the interval.. Looking forward to the 2nd half..
#Thodari 1st Half: @dhanushkraja as Pantry boy is excellent.. @KeerthyOfficial 's character singing capabilities scenes r hilarious..

Surendhar MK: #Thodari:Been a long time since audiences wholly enjoyed laughing AT the movie for the most parts in a star film. Unintentionally hilarious.
Half way through #Thodari. Leisurely paced, tackily staged CG scenes. @dhanushkraja fits the bill as a pantry boy. Story has just begun.

Yogesh: #Thodari : A refreshingly new and successful attempt in Tamil cinema. Highly recommended!
@dhanushkraja @KeerthyOfficial @Anything4Vj

I'M RUBARUBASH: #Thodari 1st hlf lot of malayalam dialogues, D" counter one liners to Thambi Ramayah r gud.Radharavi superb.Musicgud

Jenith Michael Raj: #Thodari Happy Journey. After-long Prabhu Solomon comes with #Laadam like script & wins. Dhanush with very good underplay & gels with script.

Kaushik LMK: #Thodari overall - Prabhu Solomon sets it up well till the interval. But the issue is with the farfetched, hotchpotch 2nd half!
#Thodari 2nd half -The speeding train has to be stopped somehow. Hero&heroine play the saviors to 100s of passengers. Not convincing at all!
#Thodari 2nd half - Let down by the unfocused screenplay, tacky VFX, unbelievable stunts. Too much parody on media, politicians. Too long
#Thodari 1st half -The action thriller base is set in the pre-interval segment, which is filled with conflicts &drama. Gotta see how it goes
#Thodari 1st half -@dhanushkraja is solid as the love-struck guy& @KeerthyOfficial gets her best part yet. She looks innocent & emotes well
#Thodari 1st half -Love bet. a pantry boy & a touch-up girl. Also with comedy, a hot headed commando, a politician etc. Tense interval block