After winning national and international acclaim, Kannada movie "Thithi" finally has its theatrical release on Friday, May 6. The movie is directed by Raam Reddy, who has penned the story along with Eregowda.

Apart from this, "Thithi" has only two professional actors. The Kannada film, which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada in 2016, has Doron Tempert's cinematography and John Zimmeraman's editing.

"Thithi" narrates how the three generations of a family react to the death of their 101-year old patriarch, Century Gowda (Singri Gowda).The drama is set in Mandya and primarily revolves around three members (son, grandson, and great-grandson) before the funeral takes place on the 11th day after his death.

Thamanna (Thammegowda S), the grandson of Century Gowda and son of disinterested and free-spirited Gadappa (Channegowda), sets his eyes on their family property of five acres of land, which rightfully belongs to his father. The great-grandson, Abhi (Abhishek HN), is concerned about winning the heart of a shepherd girl. All three have their priorities and they are a little concerned about the funeral, which forms the crux of the story.

The realistic presentation sans commercial elements have been appreciated by critics. The natural performance of the actor have impressed them. Here, find what critics are saying about "Thithi:"

Bangalore Mirror Review: So realistic are the scenes moving before your eyes that the film makers could have easily passed it off as real-life recordings. It does not mean Thithi is a documentary.

Slant Magazine Review: Thithi frequently slips into a more conventional morality play, but it's Reddy's sure directorial hand and adept pacing with idiosyncratic character behaviors that keeps the film from bogging down into a series of spiels about lessons learned.

The Hollywood Reporter: The large cast of non-pro actors seem to be playing themselves. All are closely and affectionately observed in their native habitat. The younger generation gets its day in a charming subplot about how.