Hrithik Roshan's 42nd birthday party cost the hotel Rs 25,000 in penalty. The superstar, who turned 42 on 10 January, celebrated his birthday on 9 January night at Four Seasons hotel at Worli in Mumbai. Reports say that police had to visit the venue twice, owing to complaints from neighbours of loud music, and levied a fine of Rs 25,000 on the hotel.

According to a report in Mid-Day, a South Mumbai resident had complained about the late night loud music, following which the police came and charged a fine of Rs 12,500 under Bombay Police Act. However, the party still continued with the same volume of music, which forced the police to pay a second visit and charged the hotel authorities with another instalment of the same amount, bringing an end to the loud party. The party was held at AER lounge on the rooftop of the hotel.

The report also quoted the complainant alleging police negligence as he said that police did not take action initially even after his repeated calls. "Several cops were stationed at the hotel gate for bandobast but they did nothing to stop the loud music," said the complainant Ashraf Khan. He also said that after making the first complaint at around 2 am, police did not turn up and so he had to make repeated calls to the police until they came after 3 am.

"I made another complaint to the Worli police station at 2.45 am, then again at 3 am, but the Worli cops did not come to the spot to stop the loud music. Cars had also been parked haphazardly, creating a traffic jam. I made the final call to the control room at 3.05 am and 10 minutes later, the cops finally arrived at the hotel, two hours after I made the first complaint. The entire time, the party continued without any hindrance," Ashraf added. However, police authorities claimed that they acted immediately after getting the first complaint, levying a fine of Rs 12,500 first and then another fine of the same amount.