Samantha Akkineni and Naga Shaurya in Oh! Baby
Samantha Akkineni and Naga Shaurya in Oh! BabyTwitter

Actress Samantha Akkineni was nothing but professional during the shoot of a scene in Oh Baby! where Naga Shaurya spits coke on her face. While Shaurya was apprehensive about the scene at first, Samantha took it as part of her job. 

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, Naga Shaurya said: "I was afraid that Samantha's fans would spit on me (laughingly). Jokes apart, how can I spit on someone?! So I thought of avoiding that act as much as I can but had to do it. So I told Nandini that whether it comes out well or not, I will do it only once and no retakes."

The scene, though, did not go as per Shaurya's plan. He couldn't spit on Sam's face properly due to fear. But what happened next on the sets is something that surprised all of them.

Naga Shaurya

"Samantha brought the script to me and said that when spitting is part of the script, I should not be hesitating in doing that because we are actors and whatever our job demands us to do, to give the best, we have to. She herself insisted on redoing the scene. This time I really had to spit on her face so that she won't ask for a retake," said Shaurya. 

Shaurya also said that he feels very lucky to have acted with such a down to earth actress and that he hasn't seen anyone like her. The actor also said that he would love to act with her again.

Being an actor is not an easy job and it needs a lot of dedication. While many young actors nowadays are quitting films in between the shoots due to creative differences and petty issues, Samantha Akkineni is someone who sticks to the script and irrespective of what happens, she makes sure that she puts in all of her efforts in completing her role and promotes the film in every possible way.