Arishfa Khan's serious allegation against late Danish Zehen's brother
TV actress Arishfa Khan; late You Tube sensation Danish Zeheninstagram

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas..Veera child actress Arishfa Khan has made some shocking allegations against YouTube sensation Danish Zehen's brother Guffran of harassing her and her family.

Now, Guffran has responded to the allegations. In an interview with SpotboyE, he narrated his side of the story: "If you go to the social networking sites, you will get to know each and every thing. I fail to understand why they're making such issues. After my brother's death, Arishfa came-up with a video on Instagram and spoke things which were never told by my family to her.

"Trust me, she hadn't met Danish even once in his life. In fact, I am using Danish's phone now and I see that he had blocked her from every possible platform. Apparently, he was fed up of her. But this girl in her video claims that she was extremely close to Danish and even started crying, but please note the make-up she had put on when it was being shot. Clearly, it was a planned exercise meant to derive publicity. After that, people started trolling her badly and abusing her," he added.

Responding to the actress' strong charge that Guffran claimed that she had killed Danish, he said, "It is better if I don't speak more than this. If Arishfa has a recording of any call or anything in black and white on WhatsApp or SMS which I exchanged with her, she should put it out. Else such charges are only stupid."

For those uninitiated, at the time of Danish's death in a car accident on December 20, 2018, many fans and celebrities had expressed their grief on social media. This, however, didn't go down well with some fans including family members, who accused a few celebrities of gaining publicity out of the sad incident.

Among the celebrities was Arishfa, who had posted a video where she was seen crying over Danish's demise soon after the news broke out. The video invited a lot of criticism with fans bashing her left right and centre, and since that day, Arishfa has allegedly been facing treats.

In her statement, Arishfa had told SpotboyE that Danish's brother has been harassing her for the past two months. Such is the torture that her mother almost tried to hung herself but was fortunately rescued. 

She further added: "In a certain live session, Guffran also suggested that I could have murdered Danish. Now beat that. Everything that he says is a coated lie. He called my mother names, which is very disturbing. The entire scenario is too frustrating, as I am not even allowed to go out of my house alone. My tuitions are also suffering."